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This article is just a fan page. It is a part of the Austin & Ally fanbase all based on information from the series or cast and crew.

Characters Shipped

Penny Dawson and Lester Dawson



Lenny (Le/ster and Pe/nny) is the friendly/romantic pairing between Lester and Penny Dawson.

Other Names

  • Pester (L/ester and P/enny)
    Partners Parachutes22
  • Penner (Lest/er and Penn/y)
  • Penster (Le/ster and Pen/ny)
  • Lesty (Lest/er and Penn/y)
  • Lesny (Les/ter and Pen/ny)
  • Ley (Le/ster and Penn/y)
  • Lestenny (Lest/er and P/enny)
  • Pennester (Penn/y and L/ester)
  • Lespennyter (Les/ter and Penny)
  • Pennlestery (Penn/y and Lester)
  • Lestny (Lest/er and Pen/ny)
  • Pennyster (Penny and Le/ster)
  • Lennyer (Le/st/er and Pe/nny)

Lenny Moments

Chapters & Choices

  • Penny asks Ally how Lester is doing and if he's okay.

    Penny and Lester in Chapters & Choices

  • Penny states that, despite the fact that they're divorced, she still wants him to be happy.
  • Penny names a gorilla after Lester.
  • Lester gets mad when he realizes that "Chester the Cheap Gorilla" is named after him.
  • Penny tries to make Lester feel better by saying no one will notice.
  • Lester tries to prove to Penny that he isn't cheap by getting Ally a music note pendant.
  • They sit together at Penny's book-release party.
  • When Ally runs away, Lester lets Penny talk to her since he's always been there for Ally.
  • At the end of the episode Lester thanks Penny for naming Chester after him.
  • Penny makes sure that Lester's okay with the fact that she teased him.

    Penny and Lester from Partners & Parachutes

Partners & Parachutes

  • When Penny, Lester, Austin, and Ally look up at the falling piano, Lester and Penny are standing next to each other, similarly to Austin and Ally.
  • Lester and Penny work on planning Ally's party together.
  • They are smiling and looking at each other during I Think About You.
  • They are both proud of Ally for conquering her stage fright.

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