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Laura Marano and Cody Allen Christian
Cast Shipped

Laura Marano and Cody Allen Christian


Friends, former co-workers


Raura, Laurum, Laini

Lody (L/aura and C/ody) is the real-life pairing between Laura Marano and Cody Allen Christian. The two appear to be friends, and they worked together on the show Back To you in the past.

For the in-show pairing between their characters, Ally Dawson and Elliot, please see Alliot.

Other Names

  • Lady (La/ura and Co/dy)
  • Cora (Co/dy and Lau/ra)
  • Coda (Cod/y and Laur/a)
  • Laury (Laur/a and Cod/y)         
  • Caura (C/ody and L/aura)    
  • Laudy (Lau/ra and Co/dy)
  • Mastian (Ma/rano and Chri/stian)
  • Chrino (Chri/stian and Mara/no)
  • Maristian (Mar/ano and Chr/istian)

Lody Similarities

  • They both are friends with each other for a long time, just like Elliot and Ally, the characters portrayed by Laura and Cody on Austin & Ally, respectively.
  • They both have dark-brown hair.
  • They look like they are brother and sister, like Mabel and Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls.


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