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Look Out
Look Out Screenshot
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon and Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
Released: July 27, 2014
Episode: "Eggs & Extraterrestrials"
Previous: "What We're About"
Next: "Austin's Prom Proposal Song"
Austin & Ally - Look Out - Eggs & Extraterrestrials02:04

Austin & Ally - Look Out - Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Look Out is a song featured in the episode Eggs & Extraterrestrials. This song was performed by Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. In real life, it was written and produced by Jamie Houston.


I think we've been invaded
By some little green men
Do they want us all in chains or want to eat our brains?
What is happening?

'Cause they can look like you and I do
But they're from outer space
Oh oh!
The music gets them flowing until their bodies glowing
And they just peel off their face.

So if you want to save the world.
Then turn the music up!

Look out!
There's nowhere to hide
Everywhere there's aliens in disguise
Look out!
And open your eyes
Everywhere there's aliens in disguise

Look out!
Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out!

Look out!
There's nowhere to hide 
Everywhere there's aliens in disguise
Look out!
And open your eyes
To the aliens in disguise

Look out!
And recognize
Everyone's an alien in disguise

Look out!
Maybe you and I
Are aliens in disguise...


  • This song was the official theme song for "Out of this World Weekend" on Disney Channel.
    • This makes it the third Austin & Ally song to be used as a theme song for a Disney Channel event, after Na Na Na (The Summer Song) (Summer Adventure Weekend), and Who I Am (the Who I Am short series).
    • It is the second Austin & Ally song to be the theme song of Disney Channel's summer events, after Na Na Na.
  • The writers revealed on Twitter that there is a full version of the song.
  • The writers referred to this song as "Lookout!" on Twitter and on Watch Disney Channel it is referred to as "Lookout," however, the credits at the end of the episode refer to it as "Look Out." [1] [2]
  • This song is not featured on the Austin & Ally: Turn It Up album which includes all of the other season 3 songs.
  • This song is performed in a dream making it the second song, after Timeless in Future Sounds & Festival Songs, to be sung in a dream.
  • This was the second duet that Austin and Ally performed in Season 3, the first being I Love Christmas.


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