Lost His Voice
RL & RL-27-
Song by Austin & Ally cast
Episode: "Real Life & Reel Life"
Length: 1:05
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Austin and Ally - Musical Scene with Lyrics01:05

Austin and Ally - Musical Scene with Lyrics

Lost His Voice Song is featured in Season 2 of Austin & Ally from the episode Real Life & Reel Life. When Trish and Dez were filming a scene for the Austin & Ally " Rockumentary" based on a musical,this is the song they were singing. The song is a Chicago-esque depiction of the events of Successes & Setbacks. The episode doesn't state if Ally wrote, but she probably did. During this song, Austin seems to still be upset at Ally for keeping a secret from him.


Trish: Austin lost his voice.

Dez & Ally: He's lost his voice.

Trish: What will he do?                                                                             

Dez & Ally: What will he do?

Trish: Did the operation work? I really hope he's able.
If he gets he voice back, he can sign with Jimmy's label.

Dez: This is the moment he dreamed of his whole life.

Dez, Ally, Trish: Did it work? Did it work? Did it work?

Austin: (flatly) Yes.

Dez, Ally, Trish: It worked. It worked. It worked.

Austin: (flatly) Yay. This is so great. Let's celebrate.
My dreams are coming true.
Couldn't have done it with you.

Our hard work paid off. We're on our way.
Nothing can stop us now. Hooray.


  • This is a scene from Trish and Dez's movie.
  • This song was most likely written by Ally although it's not confirmed.
  • Austin seems to have no enthusiasm when singing this sing.
  • Team Austin is dancing while singing in this song.
  • This is the first song where all of Team Austin sing together.
  • While singing this Austin was depressed because he was angry at Ally for keeping a secret to him.
  • The scene is the reenactment of the time where Austin lost his voice in Successes & Setbacks.


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