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Mall of Miami
Mall of Miami


Mall of Miami Commands all store owners for exceptional customer service for the past seven years. THANK YOU!

Known Stores

Sonic Boom
Cell Phone Accessory Cart
Make-Up Kiosk
Susy's Soups
Pirate Frank's Fish Fry Seafood Restaurant
Cupcake City
Lost & Found
Tech Town
Cheese Out of My League
Cheese Just OK
Yo Yo Cart
Zinga Juice
It's a Racket
Pick a Card
Megaphone World
Coffee Kiosk
Billl's Surfshop
The Pet Store
The Magic Store
Scoop There it is
Sausage Cart
Melody Diner
Mailboxes and So Forth
We B Toys
Shot in the Dark
The Yarn Barn
Puffy's Pillows
The Pitchfork and Torch Store
Everyday's Beachy Rentals
Moon's Mattress Kingdom

The Mall of Miami which is located in Miami, Florida, is the mall that Sonic Boom is located in. It is an indoor and outdoor mall. Austin & Ally mostly takes place at the Mall of Miami. It is the place where the gang likes to spend most of their time because Ally works in one of the mall stores and most of Trish's jobs take place here. The outdoor screenshots of the Mall of Miami are taken at the Irvine Spectrum Center.


The Mall of Miami is where most of Austin & Ally takes place. Austin sometimes performs here for the local people for appreciation as well. 


Around the mall there is a poster that says the Mall of Miami motto. It reads:

Mall of Miami
Commends all store owners for exceptional customer service for the past seven years.
-The Mall Association



Known Stores

  • Sonic Boom - A music store owned by Lester Dawson. Instruments and music supplies are sold here. It opened when Ally Dawson was 13 years old. 

    Sonic Boom

  • Cell Phone Accessory Cart - This is a cart in the mall which sells cell phone accessories. Although it is not a store, it is a part of the mall. Ally's former crush, Dallas, worked here, but quit to work at Sonic Boom, then quit again and started working at the library. When Dallas quit his job here to work at Sonic Boom, Trish started working here, and she told Ally that she actually liked the job.
  • Billl's Surfshop (specifically spelled with three l's) - This is a store which sells surfing supplies. It is owned by Billl (specifically spelled with three l's).
  • Make-Up Kiosk - A make-up kiosk where Trish used to work.
  • Suzy's Soups - A soup store owned by Miss Suzy, Ally's old teacher. In Soups & Stars, Ally joins a social network called Tweeter, and makes fun of the restaurant by posting "Spider Poodle Soup.
    " The shop is on the verge of closing due to the fact that people think spiders are in the soup. Ally, Trish, and Dez work together to create a commercial to save the business.
  • Pirate Frank's Fish Fry Seafood Restaurant - A seafood restaurant owned by Pirate Frank. They are known for their fried fish. Dez and Trish used to work here, but got fired for deep-frying the whole restaurant.
  • Cupcake City - A place that sells cupcakes. This was also Trish's job that we've first heard since Austin & Ally started.
  • Lost & Found - The mall lost & found. Ally searched for her songbook here in Secrets & Songbooks.It was briefly mentioned that Trish used to work here.
  • Tech Town - A tech store that sells all tech supplies. One of the supplies they sell are myTABs. In MyTAB and MyPet, Ally, Dez, and Trish line up to get a myTAB.
  • Cheese Out of My League - A restaurant that is cheese themed and is much better than Cheese Just OK, according to Trish, a previous employee.
  • Cheese Just OK - A restaurant that is cheese themed and not as good as Cheese Out Of My League, according to Ally.
  • Yo Yo Cart - A cart in the mall that sells yo-yos. Trish used to work here.
  • Zinga Juice - A parody of Jamba Juice.
  • It's a Racket - A store that sells tennis supplies.
  • Pick a Card - A store that sells greeting cards that are oddly specific.
  • Megaphone World - A store that sells megaphones and microphones. Trish used to work at Megaphone World.
  • Coffee Kiosk - It is mentioned in the episode Songwriting & Starfish because Trish used to work there. In the episode Burglaries & Boobytraps, it became renamed as the Coffee Shop.
  • The Pet Store - A pet store.
  • The Magic Store - A magic store that has powers such as a bomb and shock finger. 
  • Scoop, There it is - An ice cream shop where Austin, Ally and Trish got locked in the freezer in Songwriting & Starfish.
    Img 13596 austin-ally-songwriting-and-starfish-promos
  • The Sausage Cart - A sausage cart. Trish worked here once.
  • Melody Diner - A diner where the staff is required to sing to the customers.Trish worked there briefly in the episode Diners &Daters, and so did Austin as part of an attempt to hook up with a waitress, but he failed, because she was leaving to L.A. Mindy is the manager.
  • Mailboxes and So Forth - A mail post office where Trish kept a job there for 2 weeks.
  • Halloweenatorium- A Halloween shop, Trish worked there, and sold costumes.
  • Mini's- A restaurant that sells amazingly small foods, hence the name "Mini's". It is one of the few stores that Trish hasn't worked at.
  • Shot in the Dark- A mini golf like area. No lights are turned on, only glow in the dark neon light up the area It is located next to Mini's. This store inspired Trish for her theme to make for Austin's small concert to impress Megan Simms. This store is seen in numerous episodes such as Backups & Breakups, but was mainly featured in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff.
  • The Yarn Barn - A store that sells all things yarn related. Trish made a scarf from the store. Trish was then fired.
  • We B Toys- A store located next to the Sonic Boom (as seen in outside shots of Kangaroos and Chaos). This store is a parody of Toys R Us.
  • Pitchfork and Torch Store- A store in which a mob (as seen in Burglaries & Boobytraps) gets pitchforks and torches to go after Austin with.
  • Meatballas - A basketball-themed restaurant which serves meatballs. After Trish is fired from being Austin's manager in Managers and Meatballs, Trish worked at the store. At Demonica Dixon's press conference, Trish uses meatballs from the restaurant to ruin Demonica's outfit.
  • Puffy's Pillows - This store was briefly mentioned in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath when Trish excitedly told Ally about her job here. Trish called it her 'dream job', and described her job her: all she had to do was sleep all day to demonstrate to the costumers how nice the pillows were and she got paid. She was forced to quit this job by the rest of Team Austin due to needing to work at Phil's Fun Town to secure Austin's music video filming.
  • The Pitchfork and Torch Store - This store was briefly mentioned in Burglaries & Boobytraps. When the angry mob stormed Sonic Boom, Billl mentioned how they got their pitchforks and torches at this store.
  • Everything's Beachy Rentals - This store is a cameo store that always appears whenever the set of Mini's appears. This store sells the following items: Cruiser, Tandem, Kayak, Surf Board, Skateboard, Roller Blades, and Boogie Boards.
  • Daisy's Bouquet - Trish got a job here in the episode Girlfriends & Girl Friends. Austin told Trish, since they had won song of the day, to get her and Ally something. She ordered to much because she got a bonus for every flower she sold. Dez was making things out of flowers for Kira (Ex. Teddy Bear Topiary, and a corsage). Also in this episode Ally admits she likes Austin.
    Girlfriends & Girl Friends7


  • Another show by Disney (Disney XD), Kickin' It, has a set that looks exactly like the Austin & Ally Mall of Miami, though it is the set for the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Studio. It is unknown if both shows are supposed to take place at the Mall of Miami.
  • The outside shots from the mall are actually of the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.
  • One of the mall's odd policies is "No Dunking Kids in the Fountain".
  • The mall once had a duck pond, which was replaced by a parking lot.
  • Ally is the president of "The Mall Association".
  • Trish worked in almost all of the stores in Mall of Miami.
  • Austin often plays gigs in the Mall of Miami.
  • In the All-Star Challenge, the main cast did their challenge on the set of Mini's .
  • The Mall's capacity is 2,847 not including parking lots.
  • A new set of the Mall of Miami was introduced in season 2.
  • As of Season 3 the set does not appear because it has been replaced by The Beach Club with real sand.
  • A new set of the Mall of Miami was introduced in season 4.


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