Managers & Meatballs
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally: (gavels) All right, it's time for our weekly Team Austin meeting. Trish is late, as usual. So, I'll just call the meeting to order. (Ally starts to gavel again and Austin and Dez watch her.) Man, I love gaveling.
Trish: (walks in a tennis ball machine and tennis racket) Guess who got a job at It's a Racket?
Dez: (stands up) Tennis store? Why would they hire you? You stink at tennis.
Trish: You're right... But I don't stink at this. (starts tennis ball machine so that the tennis balls start to hit Dez)
Austin: (gets in front of Dez) Hey! Don't do that to my friend! (Trish looks at him) Without doing it to me too! (Austin holds out his arms so that Trish can start hitting him with the tennis balls. Austin, Trish, and Dez are all laughing.)
Ally: (interrupts) Guys, come on! Turn that off! (starts to gavel again when Trish turns off the machine)
Austin: Ally.
Ally: (stops gaveling) Oh, sorry. All right, first order of business. Progress report. I just finished a great new song. Austin?
Austin: I came up with some sweet new dance moves. (starts dancing)
Ally: Love it! Dez, what's up with our next video?
Dez: I don't want to give too much away, but! I'm gonna need a helicopter, a giraffe, and a red pen!
Ally: No, no, and uh, here. (hands Dez a red pen and he takes it) Trish, manager report. Whatcha got?
Trish: Well... You know, I got some music stuff in the works. And some video stuff and a bunch of other stuff too.
Dez: Wow. That's a lot of stuff.
Austin: (Trish turns to Austin) What about the Miami Jam-A-Thon next weekend? Have you booked me yet?
Trish: I'm working on it, I swear.
Ally: Okay, great! Now time to read Austin's fan emails. (looks at the laptop screen) Turn the tennis ball launcher back on? (gives Dez a look) Dez, did you write this?
Dez: (With a phone in his hand, he turns back around.) No.
Demonica: (walks into Sonic Boom) Austin Moon, just the man I'm looking for. (takes off her jacket, throwing it behind her) I saw your last webcast online and I think you're going to be a star.
Austin: Awesome! (tilts his head) Who are you?
Demonica: Demonica Dixon. I manage seven of the top ten acts on the pop charts. (bluetooth rings and she answers) Hello. Rihanna, great. (hangs up) Make that eight. How'd you like to be nine?
Austin: I kinda like being 15 'cause when I was nine I had chicken pox.

I mean I want to represent you.

Trish: (steps in front of Austin) Whoa, whoa, I'm Austin's manager. Slow your roll, lady.
Aly: Yeah, please obey the speed limit on your roll, lady. (Demonica gives her a look) Miss Dixon. We're happy with our friend, Trish.
Demonica: Oh, how sweet. You're represented by your friend. But it's called show business, not show friendness. Oh. Write that down. (snaps)
Dez: (with a red pen) Is friendness two words or...?
Trish: Not you Dez. (Dez wipes his hand of the ink and puts pen away.)
Demonica: The point is if I'm Austin's manager, he'll be one of the biggest stars on Earth. (snaps) Visual aid. (An assistant pulls out a globe and spins it.)
Austin: Wow, that would make me so happy. (snaps) Visual aid. (smiles and points to his face)
Trish: Austin, ignore her. She's clearly all talk. If she was kind of real manager, she'd be wooing you over a fancy gourmet lunch.
Demonica: Oh, you mean like this? (snaps) Lunch! (assistants pull a table with food into Sonic Boom)
Trish: What, no music?
Demonica: (snaps) Music! (an orchestra appears, playing music)
Theme Song
Interior. Sonic Boom
The orchestra continues to play music while everybody eats lunch in Sonic Boom, except Trish, who is standing.
Trish: Hate to break it to you, Demonica, but you can't be having lunch here. Ally has a strict no eating in the store rule. Right, Ally?
Ally: (eating a lobster tail) Hmm?
Austin: (wipes his mouth with a napkin) Thanks, Demonica. This is the best meal I've ever had.
Dez: (picking at the food) Mine's a little tough.
Demonica: You're supposed to take the meat out of the shell.
Dez: Oh... (does as she says and bites the shell) Much better.
Demonica: So, Austin. What do you say? Are you ready to sign with Team Demonica?
Austin: I have Team Austin. Ally writes the songs, Dez directs the videos, and Trish manages us.
Trish: Yeah, nice try. But it takes a lot more than a fancy lunch and some background music to impress Austin.
Austin: Check it out! They turned my leftovers into a swan!
Demonica: Austin, let me make this easier for you. What's your wildest dream?
Austin: That's easy. I'm being chased through a candy cane forest by a viking, my grandma, and a peanut vendor. They're throwing cantaloupes at me. Then, it gets weird. They-
Ally: Career. I think she meant your wildest career dream. (goes back to eating lunch)
Austin: Oh. Well ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to perform in Times Square on New Year's Eve. If you perform there, it means you've totally made it.
Demonica: And if you let me manage you, I can make that happen.
Trish: You really think you can buy Austin with a crazy promise and some lobster? Can you believe this lady, Ally?
Ally: (continues to eat) Hmm?
Demonica: Think about it, Austin. I can change your life. (snaps) Dramatic exit! (has her assistants pick her up and they leave Sonic Boom; Trish sits in her seat)
Dez: Something wrong with this cupcake.
Trish: You have to take the paper off.
Dez: Oh. (takes off the paper and eats it instead of the cupcake) Mmm, no, that's not it.
Interior. Ally's Practice Room
Austin and Ally are sitting at the piano, just having finished a new song - Better Together.
Austin: Another great song, Ally.
Ally: Thanks. (Austin stands up to grab a water bottle.) I can't wait to hear you sing it when Trish books you at the Jam-A-Thon.
Austin: If Trish books me at the Jam-A-Thon. (Ally looks at him) What? (shrugs) Demonica would've snapped her fingers and I'd be jamming all over that thon right now.
Ally: Don't even tell me you're even considering changing managers.
Austin: I don't know.
Interior. Ally's Practice Room
Austin and Ally are sitting across from each other when Trish walks into the room.
Trish: Hey, guys. I've been thinking about Demonica Dixon. That finger snapping, blue-tooth wearing, puppy hating thief.
Ally: How do you know she hates puppies?
Trish: I don't. I just needed a third thing. Anyway, she made me realize I needed to step up my game. So, I did. I booked you at the Miami Jam-A-Thon.
Austin: (Both him and Ally stand up) That's awesome! I never doubted you.
Trish: And to celebrate, we're going to have a fancy lunch with some background music. (She snaps, and Austin and Ally turn around as Dez comes into the room with a box of pizza and a tambourine in hand.)
Austin: Thanks, Trish.
Trish: No, not him. That's my guy. (points to a man holding a violin and silver tray of food) I don't know what he's doing.
Dez: (sings and dances) I-I'm eating pizza. I-I'm eating pizza. I-I'm eating pizza! Pizza, pizza, pizza!
Interior. Miami Jam-A-Thon Backstage
Trish: Hi, we're here to check in for the Jam-A-Thon. My client, Austin Moon, is performing.
Backstage Employee: He was supposed to perform at one. (glances at watch) It's four now.
Trish: What? There must be a mistake. Can he still sing anyway?
Backstage Employee: Oh, of course! Just not here. Try the bathroom; it's got lovely acoustics. (walks away)
Austin: I can't believe this! Trish, you said I was supposed to perform at four.
Trish: Because you were. And I can prove it because I wrote it on a napkin. (takes out napkin) No. That's my homework assignment. I must have written it somewhere else.
Ally: What's on your hand?
Trish: Oh, that's just my work schedule. I don't need that. (wipes hand on pant leg)
Dez: You wrote something on my back, today. (Trish lifts the back of Dez's shirt, revealing the word "BOZO")
Trish: Oh, that just says you're a bozo.
Dez: Oh. (nods)
Demonica: (walks in) Well, if it isn't Team Austin. (throws jacket off behind to assistants and goes over to Austin) I thought you were supposed to go on three hours ago.
Austin: Trish mixed up the time so we were late. Now, I can't perform.
Trish: I didn't mix anything up.
Demonica: These things wouldn't happen if I were your manager. Maybe you're taking manager a little bit too lightly, Trish.
Trish: That's ridiculous! Right, Austin?
Austin: Well, sometimes you are a little late to our Team Austin meetings.
Trish: That's not true! I showed up 30 minutes early for our meeting on Wednesday.
Austin: The meeting was Tuesday.
Trish: Ally, back me up here?
Ally: Trish just has her own style. She is not that organized.
Demonica: What is that on your elbow?
Ally: (looks at her elbow) Oh, that's just Trish's grocery list. Apparently she needs milk, eggs, and, uh, paper.
Demonica: Austin, do you think it's time to sign with someone who will take your career more seriously?
Austin: I guess.
Demonica: Great! Let's shake on it. (Austin holds out his hand) Shake! (Demonica's assistant comes to shake Austin's hand and they walk away)
Austin: (Trish looks at him and walks away) Do you think she's mad? (Trish screams in frustration in a nearby closet)
Interior. Sonic Boom
Ally is polishing various brass instruments by the counter.
Austin: Hey, Ally, what's wrong? You're cleaning like a maniac.
Ally: Uh, no, I'm not. (hooks cymbal to a pin on the drying rack) I just can't stop thinking about firing Trish. I clean when I'm upset. (Trish walks in) Trish!
Trish: Ally.
Ally: So, you're still mad at us.
Trish: Why would I be mad? Just because my best friends stabbed me in the back and fired me from the only job I ever even liked?
Austin: See, Ally? She's fine.
Trish: Yeah, my life's great. I got a new job at Meatball's Restaurant. We got game and unlimited breadsticks, fool! (poses with arms crossed) And I'm managing a new client.
Austin: Who?
Trish: Him. (points to Statue Guy)
Ally: That's a person? I just polished him.
Trish: Statue guys are the next big thing in stationary performances. Now if you excuse me, I got some big management stuff in the works. (goes over to Statue Guy) Come on, Statue Guy. (Statue Guy doesn't move and Trish turns around) Told you he was good. (starts walking out of Sonic Boom upon encountering Demonica) Client stealer.
Demonica: I'd insult you back, but you have meatballs on your head. Do I need to? (Trish walks away)
Ally: Great! We're all here. And now we can start the Team Austin meeting.
Demonica: Hmm, chair! (snaps as assistant gets on all fours for her to sit)
Dez: (chuckles) She thinks that guy's a chair.
Ally: I still feel bad for Trish. At least there's always one thing that makes me happy. (picks up gavel)
Demonica: Oh, sweetie, let me handle that. (snaps) Gavel! (assistant gavels in place of Ally) Man, I love gaveling.
Ally: Gaveling's my thing!
Demonica: First order of business: progress report. Ally?
Ally: Ooh, I have a great new song. (holds out demo)
Demonica: (takes demo from her) Oh, great, I'll listen to that later. (throws it behind her to assistants) Dez?
Dez: I've got a cool video idea. It's inspired my favorite director ever: Spike Stevens. He's the best video director in the business.
Demonica: That gives me a great idea! (calls on bluetooth) Spike? Demonica. How would you like to direct my newest client, Austin Moon's, next video? Fantastic. (hangs up) You just got the best video director in the business. You're welcome. Cool exit! (Demonica and her assistants exit by snapping their fingers in rhythm)
Austin: No way! Spike Stevens is going to direct my next video!
Dez: That's so awesome! (He and Austin start dancing) Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance.
Austin: (stops dancing) Wait a minute, I think you just talked yourself out of the job.
Dez: Aww, sad dance. (dances in a "sad way")
Interior. Mall of Miami Food Court.
Ally walks over to sit next to Austin, with a drink in her hand while Austin is having pancakes.
Ally: You're really upset, huh?
Austin: Is it that obvious?
Ally: Well, you frowny-faced all your pancakes.
Austin: I'm really bummed about Dez.
Ally: Dez is easy going. I'm sure he's gotten over it by now.
Dez: (walks by Austin and Ally with a tray of food in his hand, sobbing, while Trish is behind him) I'll never get over this.
Ally: See, he's fine?
Austin: You guys want to eat with us?
Trish: Can't. We're having lunch with my new client. (points to Statue Guy eating at another table, and she and Dez start walking over to it)
Demonica: (walks to Dez and Trish) Dez, thanks again for suggesting Spike Stevens. Brilliant. (Dez starts sobbing again as Demonica walks to Austin and Ally's table) Ally, good news. I listened to your song.
Ally: Awesome!
Demonica: Bad news, I didn't like it.
Ally: Not awesome...
Demonica: So, here's what I did. I hired a team of experienced songwriters and we're going to take Austin to the next level.
Austin: But, Ally's my partner.
Demonica: Look, I want you singing a professional song in front of the whole world when you play Times Square on New Year's Eve. (snaps) Visual aid! (assistant holds up poster promoting Austin to play the gig)
Austin: What? (takes poster) I'm playing Times Square?!
Demonica: You hired me to make your dream come true, and I did. We're announcing it at a big press conference tomorrow. (snaps) Triumphant exit! (her and assistants walk away with a trumpet playing and confetti thrown up in the air)
Ally: Congratulations.
Austin: Ally, I'm so sorry.
Ally: It's okay, I get it. Playing Times Square is your dream. (gets up with her drink and walks over to Trish and Dez's table) Looks like I'm one of you now. (sees Statue Guy holding sandwich in midair) Are you gonna eat that? (takes sandwich and eats it)
Interior. Inside of a limo.
Austin: I can't believe I just played Times Square on New Year's Eve! And the best part is that I got to live out my dream with my three best friends.
Demonica: (her and her assistants turn around to face Austin) Thank you, Austin. I didn't know you felt that way about us.
Austin: (screams) This must be a nightmare! (rubs eyes and ends up seeing viking, his grandma, and a peanut vendor causing him to scream) No!
Austin wakes up in the practice room screaming with a bag of peanuts in his hand.
Austin: Oh, cool, peanuts. (reaches into empty bag) No!
Interior. Sonic Boom.
Ally walks over to Dez who is filming Statue Guy.
Ally: What are you doing?
Dez: Directing Statue Guy's first video. Okay, you're standing there. Keep standing, keep standing, you're still standing, still standing! (closes video camera) This is gonna be the most boring video ever.
Ally: You're not gonna believe what I found in the trash! The MP3 player I gave Demonica. She never even listened to my song.
Dez: I'm starting to think she's kind of a bad person.
Trish: (walks in holding one of Demonica's assistants by the shirt) Guys, I've been made a fool of.
Ally: It's okay, we've gotten used to the meatball hat.
Trish De la Rosa: No, I'm talking about Demonica! She was behind the Jam-A-Thon mix up! She had her assistant pose as me on the phone! (nudges assistant) Show her.
Demonica's Assistant: (holds up hand to ear as if it were a phone and perfectly imitates Trish's voice) Hello? Miami Jam-A-Thon promoter? This is Trish. I'd like to change Austin Moon's performance set time.
Trish: See?
Dez: That doesn't sound anything like you.
Austin: (walks in) Guys, I made a huge mistake! I shouldn't have let Demonica fire you.
Ally: What happened? What made you change your mind?
Austin: I had the worst nightmare. I was playing New Year's Eve without you guys. And, I was out of peanuts! But mostly, the New Year's Eve thing.
Ally: Well, I'm glad you're back. You're never gonna believe what we found out about Demonica. (grabs MP3 player from counter) She threw away my song without even listening to it.
Trish: And she sabotaged your Jam-A-Thon gig to make me look bad.
Dez: And she broke the keyboard on the wall and put it back up there to make it look like nothing happened to it.
Ally: Dez?
Dez: Fine, I broke it! But she's still a very bad person.
Austin: Well, I have a way to show Demonica that I don't need her anymore.
Trish: And I have a way to show Demonica that she messed with the wrong people.
Ally: Team Austin is back!
Austin: Yeah, I don't want to be famous without my friends.
Ally: Thanks, Austin. We missed you. (Austin and Ally hug)
Dez: Welcome back, buddy. (Dez joins in on the hug)
Trish: I guess we're hugging. (all of Team Austin hug, and the assistant joins in)
Austin: (pulls away) And, hug over.
Interior. Press Conference.
Demonica stands in front of a podium with a screen showing her and Austin on it while Team Austin stands to the side and paparazzi are taking pictures of the scene.
Demonica: (throws jacket behind her) From the moment I laid eyes on Austin Moon, I knew that, with my guidance, he would become a superstar. Together, we are going to kick butt. (snaps) Visual aid! (assistant runs next to her and Demonica kicks him in the butt) And now to say a few words, my newest client - Austin Moon. (audience claps as he goes up)
Austin: (goes up to stage) It's always been my dream to perform in Times Square, but I've realized that if you're living your dreams without your friends, it's more like a nightmare.
Demonica: What are you talking about?
Austin: I have Team Austin. And this is what we can do without you. (snaps) Video.
The audience is shown the music video to Austin's newest song, as well as a shortened version of: Better Together. Everyone applauds after seeing it, except for Demonica.
Austin: That song was written by my partner, Ally. The video was shot by my best friend, Dez. And the whole thing was put together by my manager, Trish. Come on up here, guys.
Ally: I'm good right here. (she, Trish, and Dez go up on stage anyway)
Demonica: Your manager, Trish? I'm your manager.
Austin: Not anymore. You're fired.
Trish: In your face, finger snapper.
Demonica: You're going to regret letting me go.
Dez: And you're going to regret wearing a nice outfit.
Demonica: Why?
Trish: Sweet, sweet revenge. (snaps) Meatballs. (Team Austin takes a couple of steps back)
Demonica's two assistants fire up the tennis ball machines which is loaded with meatballs and start firing them at Demonica. Team Austin laughs at the scene while the press continues to take pictures.
Interior. Mall of Miami Food Court.
Dez and Statue Guy are what appears to be a staring contest. Dez attempts to mess him up and make him blink, but to no avail.
Dez: Man, you're good.
Trish: Sorry I was late, I was doing manager stuff for Austin. It won't ever happen again.
Statue Guy: Oh, I've heard that before. Trish, you're fired. Come on, kids. Let's go. (Statue Guy walks away as the Statue Kids off to the side follow him)
(End credits show, End of Episode)
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