Miami Mack
Full Name

Miami Mack



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Radio Host

Eye Color


Hair Color


First Episode

"Deejays & Demos"

Portrayed By

Preston Jones

Miami Mack is the host of a popular radio show, Miami Mack. He is first seen in Deejays & Demos. According to Ally, he is the most popular DJ in Florida. According to Austin, he plays in the afternoon. He is portrayed by Preston Jones.


Deejays & Demos

He is first heard of when Austin announces that he is booked to perform on his show. Ally gets excited as well and Austin questions if she listens to him. Later on the show, he offers Dez the chance to hang out with Austin if he completes a musical scavenger hunt. He is amazed by Ally's voice on the demo and with help from the crowd convinces Austin and Ally to come perform a duet of the demo, You Don't See Me.

On Friday, when Austin and Trish (who is pretending to be Ally) are on the show. He questions Ally on when she is interested in music and who teach her how to play the piano.

Preston jones
The real Ally couldn't give answers as planned, so Trish becomes unresponsive and things don't go too well which suprises him. He is shocked by Trish and Austin's voice changing in their performance. He later delivers the news when they discover they are on the magazine.

Songwriting & Starfish

Near the very end of the episode, his voice can be heard as he introduces the song "Heard It on the Radio".



  • He hosts the most popular radio show in Miami, Miami Mack in the afternoon.
  • He is a bit pushy because he told Austin to come perform with Ally and didn't let Austin give him his opinion about it.
  • Preston Jones played Grady's brother Grant in Sonny with a Chance.
  • It is unknown if he will appear again.


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