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Your words, bird girl.
— Mindy to Ally in myTAB & My Pet
Melody Diner Song (75)
Full Name




Resides in

Miami, Florida


Manager at Melody Diner

Eye Color


Hair Color



Dez (crush)


Dez Wade
Austin Moon


Melody Diner

First Episode

"myTAB & My Pet"

Last Episode

"Diners and Daters"

Portrayed By

Ashley Fink

Mindy is a minor character, only seen in two episodes of Austin & Ally. She is a large, abrasive girl, who has a massive crush on Dez, although she can be just as hostile toward him as well. Dez does not return the same feelings towards her and tries to get rid of her. She also turns out to be the manager at the Melody Diner. Her first appearance is MyTAB & My Pet and her second and last was in Diners & Daters.

Mindy is portrayed by Ashley Fink, who is better known for playing Lauren Zizes on the hit FOX TV series, Glee.


MyTAB & My Pet

MyTAB & My Pet (100)

In MyTAB & My Pet, Mindy was in the line for a MyTAB. Mindy, at the end also found the golden horseshoe, which won her the MyTAB from Austin, Ally, Dez, & Trish, due to Dez's "honor," in always keeping his word. At the end, she tricks Dez into going on a date with her and takes the group's MyTAB. 

Diners & Daters

In Diners & Daters, Mindy was the manager at the Melody Diner. She had to make sure that the servers were
singing, which apparently annoyed Trish, she was also fired by Mindy. Mindy kept trying to get Dez's attention, as usual, but this time kept in the diner, by giving him the Cha-Cha Chicken Pot Pie. He became a compulsive eater, so she kept serving it. Near the end, when Dez decided he would stop his obsession, Mindy introduced the Egg Salad, which became Dez's new obsession.


  • Mindy has a massive crush on Dez .
  • She is the manager of the Melody Diner, as seen in Diners & Daters.
  • She can hypnotize Dez by making him chicken pot pie.
  • She calls Ally "Bird Girl" as seen in MyTAB & My Pet.
  • It is unknown if she returned Team Austin's MyTab. 
  • Team Austin doesn't seem to like her.
  • Dez does not return her feelings.
  • Mindy has tricked Dez into spending time with her, as in MyTAB & My Pet and Diners & Daters.
  • She is the second one to have a crush on someone in the show; the first person is Ally, with a crush on Dallas.
  • She makes Dez do things for her, like getting flowers for her.
  • Mindy is only seen in season 1.



Mindy greets Dez


Mindy has a crush on Dez. Even though Dez knows Mindy likes him, he doesn't like her that way. He also seems to be a little bit afraid of her. She also calls him Dezzycakes.



Mindy dislikes Ally as shown in MyTAB & My Pet. Mindy also calls her "Bird girl".


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