These are all of the minor characters in season 1 of Austin & Ally.

Big Mama


Big Mama

Big Mama is an alligator that attacked the gang in Everglades & Ally-gators. She lives in the Everglades.

Big Mama is a legendary alligator that cares about her baby, Baby Gator. Clavis told the gang about the beast and Dez and Trish decide to make a documentary about her. When Baby Gator followed Dez back to the houseboat (because he had meat in his pants), she attacked the gang. Austin got rid of Baby Gator and Big Mama left the gang alone. Dez drilled holes in the boat to make sure she was gone, sinking the boat in the process. Baby Gator arrived where the boat once was and Big Mama injures Shiny Money badly.



Brittany and Austin

appeared in the episode Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. She was an elderly woman who auditioned for Dez's movie, Claws (Dun Dun Dun) as the damsel in distress, whom Austin's character, Troy, saves from the giant claw and does mouth to mouth to, but was rejected. She was later chosen by Trish to play her stunt double. Brittany is an uncredited role.

Dr. Grant

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Dr. Grant talking to the Moon family

Dr. Grant appeared in the episode, Successes & Setbacks. When Austin gets nodules from straining his voice too much, he, his family, and friends go over to Dr. Grant to see what was wrong and the chances of him getting better. The doctor said that he would go into surgery in hope that his voice gets better, otherwise never being able to perform the same as before again. However, the procedure thanks to Dr. Grant does work out in the end for Austin.

Dr. Grant is portrayed by Robert Picardo.

Face Puncher


A furious Face Puncher angrily demanding his jacket back.

Face Puncher is a mixed martial arts fighter who appears in Kangaroos & Chaos. He leaves his jacket with Trish while she was working at the dry cleaners. He is the father of Mad Dog(see below). Trish borrows the jacket thinking they can use it in Austin's next music video. But it gets ruined when it lands in a bin full of caramel. Ally and Trish take it back to the dry cleaners hoping to clean it up, but Face Puncher arrives earlier than they expected. He tells them that he would come back later and that he would be bringing Mad Dog with him who hates to wait. Thinking that Mad Dog is one of his friends, Ally and Trish put the jacket in the washing machine hoping it will clean it up. But later they discover that the jacket had shrunk and is now pink. When Face Puncher arrives he becomes angry with Trish, but Austin takes the blame. When Face Puncher is about to face punch him, Mad Dog who is actually Face Puncher's daughter, arrives. When she sees the jacket she assumes it is for her and Face Puncher goes along with it. Later Face Puncher recognizes Dez as the guy who ate the 20-pound hamburger. When Dez gives Face Puncher his autograph in ketchup on his shirt, Face Puncher chases him.

Face Puncher is portrayed by Hollywood Yates.


185px-Kangaroos & Chaos 2
The kangaroo appeared in the episode Kangaroos & Chaos. Dez ends up ordering it for Austin's music video because he was unable to read Ally's scribbles on the paper she had to write the new song.

Dez suggests the kangaroo try to play guitar, and Austin agrees, and holds a guitar out in front of the kangaroo, but it kicks the instrument away, causing it to get knocked out of Austin's grip and break the window in the music room. The animal then begins nibbling on Face Puncher's jacket and ends up playing tug-of-war with Dez, who wants to get it back for Trish, but they both lose their grip on it, and it lands in a bucket of caramel.

When Dez tries to put a camera on the kangaroo while it was sleeping, he accidentally stepped on its tail, causing the kangaroo to freak out, destroy everything in the music room, and run away. While Ally and Trish are at the dry cleaners trying to clean Face Puncher's jacket, someone rings the bell, and they find it's the kangaroo.

As Austin, Ally, and Dez try to figure out how to find the kangaroo, Austin realizes that they could find it because it still had the camera, which was synced to their computer, so Dez takes the computer and goes out in the mall to get it. Trish tells Austin and Ally that she sold tickets to people for Austin's show in the mall, but when he leaves, she reveals that she actually sold tickets to people to get a picture with the kangaroo, which Dez comes back with after getting his butt kicked by it.

Later, when Lester comes back from,he looks for Ally in her music room, but comes across the kangaroo, who beats him up. The episode ends with the group of friends all watch the Kangaroo beating up Mr.Dawson. He then takes the computer away from them despite their groaning.

Mad Dog

Mad Dog is Face Puncher's daughter, who Team Austin meet in the episode
Kangaroos & Chaos. She is portrayed by Emily Skinner. Because of her name, Trish and Ally thought Mad Dog was one of Face Puncher's friends. She has blonde hair, and it appears that she does ballet, as she is seen wearing a ballerina dress. She also has a necklace that has a butterfly on it. Mad Dog does not have a lot of patience but is still loved by her father a lot.

When Face Puncher comes to the dry cleaners to pick up his jacket and sees it has been ruined, he gets angry. Austin quickly steps in to take the blame so Trish wouldn't get in trouble with him. Just as Face Puncher is about to punch him, Mad Dog walks in, sparing Austin from being "face punched." She is identified as Mad Dog by Face Puncher. Her real name is unknown. As said by both her and her father, she hates waiting, which was why she came into the dry cleaners.

Mad Dog sees the small pink jacket, and thinks it's a present for her from her dad. Face Puncher helps her put it on, no longer minding that his jacket was ruined since his daughter loves it. When the two are about to leave the store, Mad Dog sees Austin and requests an autograph, to which he excitedly obliges. She seems to be a huge Austin Moon fan and seems to have heard A Billion Hits and all songs before she met Austin.

She is the first child who appeared in the series that has a name.

Mall Delivery Guy

The Mall Delivery Guy appeared in Burglaries & Boobytraps. He stole things from the mall because he was mad he never got tips. As the mall thief, he stole things from stores in alphabetical order, thus being nicknamed the Alphabet Bandit by Team Austin. Austin caught him when he hid in the piano that the delivery guy tried to steal.

The Mall Delivery Guy was played by Enriquez Ithamar Enriquez.


Mildred appeared in the episode

Austin and Mildred

Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. She starred in Dez's movie, Claws (Dun Dun Dun) as the damsel in distress, whom Austin's character, Troy, saves from the giant claw. Mildred is an uncredited role. Also Mildred rarely speaks. Austin thinks her name is Brittany because her beauty, she should be called Brittany.

Mr. De la Rosa

Mr. De la Rosa is the father of JJ De la Rosa, and Trish De la Rosa. He is also the husband of Mrs. De la Rosa. He is seen in Club Owners & Quinceaneras. He danced with Trish for the father-daughter dance at her quinceñera. Not much is known about him. The actor who portrayed him is uncredited. He’s also the father-in-law of Chuck McCoy and the grandfather of Magnolia Rose McCoy.

Officer Dunphy

In your face, Dad. I'm Drumming

Officer Dunphy on the drums.

Officer Dunphy appeared in Songwriting & Starfish. He is a patrolman for the Miami Police Department who caught Team Austin at the Mall of Miami and assumed that they were robbing Scoop, There It Is, Trish's place of employment at the time. When they were brought down to a local police station, they each explained that despite their appearance, they were in the process of writing a song for the FM 109 "Hot Summer Jam" contest, and retrieving Ally's song book from the ice cream shop. Although they convinced him of their plight, he still refused to let them go, until Ally saw him drumming with pencils on his desk.

Dunphy originally sought a career as a drummer during his youth, but was talked out of seeking such a career by his father, who we can assume is dead. Both Austin and Ally realized they could coax the officer into letting them go if they give him a chance to join the band at least for that one concert, a plan that almost failed.

Officer Dunphy was played by Kelly Perine.

Old Lady

The Old Lady is a elderly lady that Ally accidentally asks to see a movie with her Saturday night, when she thought she was actually asking Trish. Though the old lady does not know Ally, she excitedly agrees to go to the movie with her. She only appears in Rockers & Writers. Dez nearly kills her by causing a harmonica to go into her throat, when he tried to play a harmonica through a sousaphone after people were impressed with Austin playing a trumpet through another trumpet. He quickly uses the Heimlich Maneuver to save her, though he does manage to make her dentures fly out of her mouth with the harmonica in them. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the lady fell asleep during the movie and Ally had to explain the whole movie to her on the bus home. She is portrayed by Beverly Polcyn.

Old Rocker

This old man knows how to jam
The Old Rocker is an elderly extra in the opening of the episode Deejays & Demos. He is a frail, senior citizen in a sweater vest with a walker that was interested in buying an electric guitar from Sonic Boom, who Ally didn't believe would be interested in such an instrument. When she told him that sales of electric guitars to "customers his age" were uncommon, he seemed to take offense as he pulled down his glasses. Realizing she may have inadvertently insulted him, she quickly changed the course of her conversation and pretended that she meant that he might be too young to play the specific guitar. The old man takes over and blows her away with a short riff reminiscent of Van Halen in their heyday. Ally is so impressed that she ask him to be her grandfather (she quickly realized what she said and took a step away) as he shakes his head and walks away to buy the aforementioned guitar. The Old Rocker is an uncredited role.



Owen is Ally's pet bird. Ally dearly loves Owen and cares about him a lot. Owen knows how to talk (as shown when he reveals that Austin and Dez let him out of his cage, among other things), but refuses to say that Ally is cool, much to her dismay and Dez's amusement. Owen is a cockatiel. The cast named Owen "Ross" in real life.

Owen seems to be a very loyal friend to Ally. When Austin and Trish release him, he tells Ally everything that happened. He also seems to be very talkative like her as well. Overall, Owen seems to be a very nice bird.


Ally and Owen are very good friends.

Owen appears in the episode myTab & My Pet, when Austin opens his cage making him fly out. Trish and Dez help by making popcorn, which is his favorite snack. Ally does not know about Owen flying off so Austin and Trish try to get Owen back before Ally finds out but they fail because in the end Ally finally gets Owen to talk. He rats out Austin, Trish and Dez at the end of the episode.


Austin & Ally Z&C 56

Pickles is Ally's goose that she found in the mall park. So far, his only appearance was in the episode Zaliens & Cloud Watchers.

Pickles seems to be a very loyal goose, towards Ally especially. He often helps Ally and is very sweet to her.

In Pickles' first, and so far only, appearance, Zaliens & Cloud Watchers, we learn that Ally comes to him for song inspiration. Austin also meets him for the first time. At first, he lives in a park by the mall, but, by the end of the episode, has been sent to an animal reserve, due to the park being shut down and turned into a parking lot. He is also replaced with Austin. In the meantime, Ally tries to rescue him by hiding him in her dress, and manages to outrun security and go to the horror movie with Austin, but eventually, Pickles escapes, and causes a panic in the theatre. (This is also the first time Ally breaks the rules (and runs from cops)).

Pirate Frank

Pirate Frank

Far left with the hook is Pirate Frank

Pirate Frank is a supporting character. He owns "Pirate Frank's Fish Fry" and has appeared mostly as a background character in some episodes. His first appearance was in Bloggers & Butterflies where he fired Trish and Dez for deep frying his entire restaurant. His second appearance was in Burglaries & Boobytraps when his harpoon was stolen. His 3rd, and as of now, last, appearance was in myTAB & My Pet.

Pirate Frank is portrayed by Jim Hoffmaster.

Ralphie Hayes

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 4.23.42 PM

Dog food guy

Ralphie Hayes (a.k.a. The dog food guy) is a minor character who appeared in the episode Kangaroos & Chaos. He was a teen actor on a commercial that was selling dog food. Many people have mistaken Austin for him, because they look alike, except the dog food guy has an afro. For this reason Austin became concerned that he would be regarded as a has-been and rushed Ally into writing a new song for him. He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.

Statue Guy


Dez making a funny face at Statue Guy

Statue Guy is a minor character. His first appearance was in "Managers & Meatballs." In this episode Trish becomes his manager after Austin fires her. He doesn't talk or move until the end of the episode when he fires Trish after she is late for a meeting. It is also revealed in this episode that he has two children, a boy and a girl, who also act like statues. He also appears in myTAB & My Pet as a background character.

The Statue Guy is played by Jeff Blum. His two children are uncredited.

Security Guard


Ally, Trish and the Security Guard

The Security Guard is another minor character in the show. She was in charge of making sure only people who were supposed to be at the TV Station were there. After checking her register she forbade the girls from going inside, but after Trish makes a distraction using a magic trick she took from her then job, the security guard lets them go. She is portrayed by Cocoa Brown. She only appeared in Rockers & Writers.

Talent Scout

The Cruel NYC Talent Scout vs Ally

The scout who caused Ally's stagefright when she was 13.

The Talent Scout (later named Mr. Neidermeyer) appeared at first in the episode Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. He was from MUNY (Music University of New York), a prestigious music school somwhere in New York City, and Mr. Neidermeyer was seen in Ally's flashback in Sonic Boom, which took place when she was 13 years old. Evidently, his first appearence in the show was part of a promotional gimmick for the opening of Sonic Boom. His sadistic nature drove a young girl who was auditioning before Ally into tears, and was the catalyst for Ally's stage fright. He appeared again in Albums & Auditions to watch Ally's "live" audtion over the internet.

The scout is portrayed by John O'Brien. It's a strong possibility his character was named after the cruel ROTC Cadet leader Doug Neidermeyer from the ground-breaking 1978 teen exploitation movie "National Lampoon's Animal House."


Walter is the janitor who works at the movie theater. He appears to be a clean freak because he confronted Austin and Ally when he found a piece of popcorn near their seats. He got attacked by Pickles the goose when Austin and Ally went back to the movie theater after they ran from security at the pond. He only appears in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers.

Walter is played by Matthew Scott Montgomery, of So Random!, a Disney Channel original series which had been cancelled.

Owen is also mentioned in the season 2 episode, Fresh Starts & Farewells.