These are all of the minor characters for season 2 of Austin & Ally.

Country Kitty

Country Kitty

Country Kitty

Country Kitty was a member of the all-girl group known as the Stray Kitties. She appeared in Solos & Stray Kitties. Country Kitty's shtick is primarily dressing in a cowgirl uniform with cat-ears, and line dancing, in spite of the fact that the music she dances to is strictly standard contemporary girl-group pop rather than country and western music. She also tends to pride herself on wearing an excessive amount of makeup, and feels threatened when she sees Ally more heavily made up than her while dressed as "Wicked Kitty."

Country Kitty was played by Skyler Vallo.


Later losers! ...Bye Dez.
Dex is a "copy" of Dez that Trent uses to copy Austin. Trent hires Dex to pretend to be Dez. Despite the fact that Austin and Trent are rivals, Dez and Dex are close because they to have similarities in looks, personality, and interests. For example, Dex is a meant to closely resemble Dez, he, like Dez, it's interested in the Bee Whisperer.
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He's not the first actor to portray a Dez copy. In Managers & Meatballs, Demonica Dixon had an assistant also with red hair, that, in one of Austin's dreams, represented Dez .

Dex was portrayed by Alexander Walsh.



Ethan is a boy that Ally met in the Halloween costume store that Trish worked at. His first and only appearance was on Costumes & Courage. He wanted a Charles Lindbergh costume, but Trish gave him a random pilot dude costume instead. Ally, in her Florence Nightingale costume, approaches him and tries to talk to him, but ends up only embarrassing herself. He sees her again at the Starr Records Halloween Party, only this time dressed as Galexis Nova and he doesn't recognise her as Ally. He finds her very intelligent and asks for her phone number. But she gets so excited that she leaves the balcony and forgets to give her no. to him, leaving him very confused. His only appearance was in Costumes & Courage. Ethan is portrayed by Troy Osterberg.

European Model

Austin's European Super Model at a bungee jump

The European model at Benji's Bungee.

The European Model is a guest character from Season 2. Her first appearance was in the episode Magazines & Made-Up Stuff, when she briefly showed up, thinking that her boyfriend was Austin. She only arrived due to Trish lying about Austin's girlfriend. The only English words she knew were, "Austin Moon my boyfriend," and she repeatedly said the line in the episode. Near the end when Austin and the others were about to go bungee jumping, she appears. Trish explained to Austin that she tried to fire her but since she doesn't know english, she doesn't understand what Trish means. She has also appeared in the Season 2 episode, Tunes & Trials. In Tunes & Trials, it is known that Austin is giving her English lessons.

She is portrayed by Madison McMillin.

Glamour Kitty

Solos Stray Kitties 023

The alluring Glamour Kitty hams it up on stage.

Glamour Kitty was a member of the all-girl group known as the Stray Kitties. She appeared in Solos & Stray Kitties. Dez had a crush on her, to the point where he gave her expensive gifts, took her out to fancy dinners, and acted all mysterious. He even went to the point where he said, "I love you," (indirectly). At the end of the episode, it is revealed that she is exactly like Dez-she likes to wear wacky clothes, she's not glamorous, and she loves Zalien movies.

Glamour Kitty was played by Kimberly Whalen.

Mr. Conley

Backups & Breakups (14)

Mr. Conley is one of the staff at Marino High School. In Backups & Breakups, he auditions to be Austin's backup dancer, and though Ally is impressed by his performance, the others are not, obviously. He is seen as one of the more outgoing staff seeing that he often interacts with the students (such as about auditions for being Austin's back up dancer) and dancing and singing in the hallways as shown in Crybabies & Cologne.

Mr. Conley is portrayed by Mike McCafferty.


Sydney is a character, as of now, shown only in Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath. In this episode, she was the little girl with the lollipop who's fun time was always ruined by Trish and bad timing. Th
Sophia Cruise -3-
Sophia Cruise -2-
e first time she is shown in the episode, she's waiting in line for the "Wheel of Terror" ride. But the ride gets closed for the music video and she complains about having waited in line for an hour. Trish blows her off, and Sydney tries to leave her pouty lips and sad face as a final image in Trish's memory, but Trish implies that many kids have used that face on her before. The second time she is shown, she is in line for the "Tubs of Fun" ride, and that ride, unfortunately for her, gets closed down for the music video, and Sydney complains that Trish is trying to ruin her childhood memories. The third and final time we see her in both Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath and possibly the show itself is when Trish is telling Ally about how someone complained about her, thus getting her fired. Sydney turns around and says, "I wonder who?" before walking away, leaving Trish and Ally staring after her dumbfounded.

Sydney was portrayed by Sophia Cruise