These are all of the minor characters in season 3 of Austin & Ally .


Presidents & Problems -38-
Anders is the tour guide working at Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian Museum. He particularly doesn't like Ally for being a know-it-all and even tells her to guide the tours herself. His first and only appearance is in Presidents & Problems.

Anders is portrayed by Tom Fonss.


Glee clubs and glory 7

B.B. standing next to Ally

B.B. is one of the people who is in Marino High School's glee club. To her peers, she's known to hate just about everything. The only reason she was in glee club was because she hated not being in glee club. Her first and only appearance was in Glee Clubs & Glory.

B.B. is portrayed by Tahlena Chikami.



Chelsea with the winning bid for a date with Austin

Chelsea is the girl who wins a date with Austin at the auction in Princesses & Prizes. She and Austin go dancing for their date and is shown to be a very kind and beautiful person, that Ally gets jealous of. Chelsea also has a younger sister named Heidi and was helping out with her birthday party. Though it is presumed by Ally that the party was hers and Austin's second date, she does already have a boyfriend, and the party was actually for her younger sister. Her first and only appearance was in Princesses & Prizes.

Chelsea is portrayed by Sofia Carson.

DJ Sonny Smooth

Cupids & Cuties (9)
DJ Sonny Smooth is the radio interviewer for Dr. Cupid a.k.a as Dez in Cupids & Cuties. During the interview, and after an array of questions, he says that Dr. Cupid is a fraud for not having ever been in love or going on a date himself. His first and only appearance is in Cupids & Cuties.

DJ Sonny Smooth is portrayed by Michael-Leon Wooley.


Austin and Ally Glee Clubs and Glory 16

Elle with Austin

Elle is a member of Marino High School's glee club. She like Austin and seems to have a crush on him. She appeared in Glee Clubs & Glory and it was her only appearance. She is good at singing and is in glee club. When Austin and Ally were kicked out of glee club, she gave Austin a call-me sign. Elle missed Austin when he was kicked out of glee club. She has brown hair and normally wears skirts and dresses. She is good at singing and dancing. She is one of Austin's fans and really liked him being in glee club.

Elle is portrayed by Ashley Argota.


Princesses & Prizes (12)
Heidi is Chelsea's younger sister who evidently loves princesses and fairy tales. Her birthday party in Princesses & Prizes is accidentally ruined by Ally and Brooke, but is made up for by Austin singing Upside Down. Princesses & Prizes is most likely her first and only appearance.

Heidi is portrayed by Melany Ochoa.

Kenneth Kreen

Critics & confidence22

Austin talking to Kenneth Kreene

Kenneth Kreen is the negative review of Austin's shows in Critics & Confidence. He negatively praises Austin's shows three times, the first published on the magazine Miami Weekly, the second is unknown, and the third was given in person. He also appeared at Austin's show, in where Austin is trying to impress him, but fails miserably. In the end, Kreen's opinion is not changed, but Austin decides to not let his opinion get his own way.

Kenneth Kreen is portrayed by Justin Dray.

President Obama

Presidents & Problems -49-

President Obama giving Dez a medal

President Obama appears in Presidents & Problems. He is considers Austin a good role model for kids Teen Role Model of the Year and pardons him for being the Silver Shoe Stealer. Prior to that, Dez saves him from being hit by one of Austin's big sneakers and gives him a medal for it in the end.

President Obama is portrayed by Reggie Brown, who also played the President in the "I Didn't Do It" episode "In the Doghouse With the White House."


Critics & Confidence (6)

Austin accidentally closing the locker on Tiffany's hair

Tiffany is a cheerleader at Marino High School. In Critics & Confidence, Dez asks her to tell Austin, who has lost his confidence, that he's great, no matter what. When Austin greets her by her locker, he accidentally slams her locker shut on her hair. Dez frees her, but not by opening the locker - by cutting a section of her hair.

Tiffany is portrayed by Gabrielle Elyse.