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Mix Ups & Mistletoes
Interior. Sonic Boom
Dez: (Walks by, holds up a branch of mistletoe) Guess what I have!
Austin: Mistletoe?
Ally: Uh, don't make us kiss, it's embarrassing.
Dez: Mistletoe? I meant I have sweaty armpits. I'm working way too hard. Break time! (walks away drinking a can of soda)
Austin: (shrugs)
Trish: (Walks in carrying a brown gift bag)
Austin: Trish! How'd your meeting at the Toy Company go?
Trish: Amazing. I have the prototype for this holiday season's hottest new  toy... (reaches inside and pulls out:) The Austin Moon doll!
Austin: (Squeals, takes the doll and unboxes it) This is cool!
Trish: And check this out. (presses the doll's tummy)
Doll: I'm gonna make, make, make you do a double take! Bam!
Austin: (Giggles) Awesome! Will they be ready by Christmas? I wanna give 'em out at the Kids Club party.
Ally: Yeah, these dolls are at the top of every kids' wish list. (takes out a list) Little Matthew wants an Austin doll, little Hannah wants an Austin doll, little Dez wants a -- little Dez?
Dez: (takes his list away) I-I don't know how that got in there. It's supposed to go directly to Santa. (walks off)
Trish: Don't worry, Austin. The Toy Company said they'll have a big shipment ready just in time for Christmas. 
Ally: Great, for a lot of these kids, this is the only gift they're gonna get this year.
Austin: Yeah, and since I'm hosting the party, I wanna make this their best Christmas ever.
Ally: We're gonna write a new Christmas song for the kids, and perform it as a surprise.
Trish: Great idea! And there's gonna be press at the party, too. There will be a great oppurtunity to make yourself look good, Austin!
Austin: Uh, I don't care about that. I just feel so lucky, I wanna give back to people who aren't as lucky.
Trish: Perfect! That's the exactly the kind of junk you have say to the press.
Austin: (pauses) I don't know if I'm gonna have enough time to write a new song and plan this party.
Trish: Well, since the party's at the beach club, let me plan it! I'll make sure this is the best Christmas those kids have ever had!
Dez: Wow, I've never seen you so excited of work before, Trish.
Trish: Hey, it's for the most worthy cause there is.
Ally: Making a child's Christmas wish come true.
Trish: Nope, making me look good so I can get a big promotion. But that child's wish thing, too. (texts)
Ally: (sarcasticallty) That's the Christmas spirit.
Theme Song
Interior. Shredder's Beach Club

(puts up a "Santa Auditions" sign)

Hazel: Oh, Triiiiiiiish! I'm so excited we're having the Kids Club Christmas party, at Shredder's! I can't thank you enough!
Trish: How about just thanking me with that party planner promotion, and we'll call it even?
Hazel: Silly goose. I can't promote you until you pull off a disaster-free party. We don't need a flying pig incident like at the luau.
Trish: Heh, that was pretty funny. Heh. (realizing) I mean, that won't ever happen again!
Hazel: (giggles) Don't you just love Christmas?
Trish: (under her breath) Yeah.
Hazel: (snaps) ♫ Deck the halls with jingle bells
Fa la la la
And a partridge in a pear tree ♫ (giggles)
Trish: (under her breath) Yeah, that's not a song.
Hazel: ♫ Joy to the silent night
Oh, Christmas tree ♫ (leaves)
Dez: (pushes his way through a crowd of Santas, dressed like Santa) I'm here for the Santa job! When do we start?
Trish: I can't just give you the job, you have to audition like everybody else. I'm only hiring the best Santa. (points at the other Santas)
Dez: Oh, I'm the best Santa, cause I have this inflatable Santa suit. Observe. (presses button on chest, belly inflates) The "I ate way too many cookies and milk" St. Nick. (presses button, belly inflates more) The "jolly belly like a bowl full of jelly" chubster we know as Santa Claus. Ho ho ho!
Trish: Impressive. But you still have to audition with those other Santas. I'm surprised so many of em came out for a job that doesn't pay anything.
The Santas are confused. Eventually, they leave
Dez: I don't care about the money, I'm just here to bring joy to kids and wear a really cool fat suit. But mostly the fat suit. (shakes belly)
Trish: Well, since you're the only guy left, I guess you could be Santa.
Dez: Yes!
Chuck: (Also dressed as Santa) Not so fast, Red!
Dez: Chuck?! What are you doing here?
Chuck: What does it look like? I'm here to bring good tidings and cheer, to the children of Miami. Hee hee hee!
Dez: No one's as jolly as me. (pulls beard down) I'm so jolly, when I was born, the doctor slapped me, and I laughed in his face.
Chuck: Well, I'm so jolly, people in England don't say "Have a jolly good time." They say "Have a Chuck good time."
Trish: Guys! There's only one way to settle this. We're gonna have a Santa contest.
Time Skip to Santa Contest
Dez: (sings) Ho Ho Hoooo!
Chuck: (coughs) That was terrible. Ho Ho Ho. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!
Dez: (coughs) That was good.
Cut to next round in the Santa Contest
Trish: Okay. I want to see who does the best job hanging up Christmas lights.
Chuck: What does that have to do with being Santa?
Trish: It doesn't have anything to do with me getting a promotion...Pfft... Why would you say that?
Dez: Oh, I love hanging lights. This shouldn't be too hard.
They pull the lights out of the box, only to find that they're all tangled up. 

Cut to Dez and Chuck hanging the lights up around the beach club; 'Dez flicks the switch on his lights and they turn on. Chuck is tangled up in his lights

Chuck: I think I made it worse. (Flicks his switch and the lights that he's tangled up in turn on.)
Cut to next round in the Santa Contest

: Dez and Chuck do warm-up stretches on the sand in the beach club

Trish: You have to carry these sacks of toys "(points to rubbish bags)" across the beach and put them in that dumpster. Okay. On your mark. Get set. Go!
Dez and Chuck grab the bags and put them in the dumpster, running back and forth along the beach to complete the job.
Dez: Hey! Look! (Dez distracts Chuck)
Chuck: Huh? (sees nothing) Argh!
The bags disappear slowly as the two of them complete the job
Trish: Oh! Another Tie!
Dez: Are you kidding?
Chuck: (simultaneously) No way!
Dez: Why did we throw away those toys?
Trish: Those weren't toys, that was trash! You guys just saved me like four hours of work.
Interior. Sonic Boom
Austin: Well, that's the last of the decorations. (walks over to Ally)"
Ally: (looks up) Hey, look. We're under the mistletoe again. (laughs nervously)
Austin: (laughs nervously) Wha'ddya know? (romantic music plays as they lean in)
Trish: (Dez and Trish barge through) Look Out!
Dez: Austin Dolls coming through!
Austin: They're here!
Ally: Just in time for the party! (All four of them unbox the toys)
Austin: This isn't right! (Austin doll has long hair)
Ally: They all have long, flowing princess hair! ...Long, flowing, gorgeous princess hair...
Trish: The toy company also makes Princess Priscilla dolls. There must have been a mix-up at the factory.
Austin: I can't give these freak show dolls to the kids! It'll ruin their Christmas.
Dez: I have to write Santa a new letter. I am not replacing my teddy bear with one of these mutants.
Cut to Later
Austin: (To Trish) What did the toy company say?
Trish: They're gonna fix the dolls and send out a new shipment. But because it's Christmas Eve, they're not gonna get here until after the holidays.
Austin: What are we gonna do?
Dez: Relax buddy, you don't wanna give out these dolls because they have long hair. (Pulls scissors out of his pocket) I think the solution is pretty obvious. (Turns around and starts cutting. When he turns around, he's holding a string of paper dolls.) We'll give them these instead!
Austin: I can't give them an arts and crafts project for Christmas! The kids will think it's lame.
Trish: I know how to fix this, Austin. All we have to do is cut the dolls' hair.
Cut to Later
Trish: (Turns around, holding an Austin doll with her own hairstyle.) Looks pretty good, huh.
Dez: (Turns around, holing a doll with his ginger hair) I think mine's better.
Trish: Let's see yours, Ally.
Ally: I couldn't bear cutting my doll's hair. It's just so gorgeous. (She flicks the doll's hair and coos)
Austin: (Gestures to his doll) This is how we have to cut all the dolls' hair. And we need to do it fast; the Christmas party's tomorrow.
Dez: I know exactly what to do! Trish, you're going to see why I'll make the best Santa.
They have set up a doll hair studio and are all doing something for the dolls' hair
Ally: This Santa Workshop was a great idea, Dez!
Austin: I'm almost out of gel.
Dez: Oh, don't worry - hey, look! One of Santa's helpers is here with more!
Larry: For the last time, kid, I don't work at the North Pole. I'm just a delivery guy.
Dez: Hey, you're not just a delivery guy, you're a guy who delivers dreams.
Larry: Whatever, kid.
Cut to the next morning

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