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At Moon's Mattress Kingdom, there's no hassle in our castle.
Moon's Mattress Kingdom




Mattress Store


Mike and Mimi Moon


Miami, Florida

Number of locations:

1 (known)

Former Workers:

Mike Moon, Mimi Moon, Austin Moon (Acted in the commercial).

Moon's Mattress Kingdom is the store owned by Mimi Moon and Mike Moon. The commercial first appeared in Successes & Setbacks. Austin starred in the commercial. In the commercial, Mike Moon is the king, Mimi Moon is the queen, and Austin Moon is the prince. During the commercial, they talk in an British accent and use the queens wave. In Parents & Punishments, Mike and Mimi Moon donated $100 for Ally's fundraiser from the mattress store.

Appears in the episode(s)


Mike: Come on down to Moon's Mattress Kingdom,

Mimi: Where our mattresses are firm, and our prices are soft.
Mike: This week, we hereby declare all mattresses half off.
Both: *laugh*
Mimi: Our prices are the best in town. But don't take it from us. Take it from Star Records' recording artist
Both: Austin Moon! *Austin appears*
Austin: Yup, their prices are the best in town. So come on down to Moon's Mattress Kingdom.
All: There's no hassle in our castle!
Mimi: Oh, that's my little prince.

Austin: Mom!


  • If you buy a water bed, you could have a penguin pillow.


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