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Mrs. De la Rosa
Full Name

Mrs. De la Rosa



Resides in

Miami, Florida

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trish De la Rosa (daughter)
JJ De la Rosa (son)
Chuck (Son In Law)


Mr. De la Rosa (husband)

First Episode

"Club Owners & Quinceaneras"

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Eileen Galindo

Mrs. De la Rosa is Trish's and JJ's mom. She first appears in Club Owners & Quinceaneras.


Season 1

She is first introduced in Club Owners & Quinceaneras, where she wants Trish to have the quinceanera. At the party, she tries to give a speech to which Trish shuts it down and tries to open her presents. Mrs. De La Rosa says "no" and the father-daughter dance begins.

Mrs. De la Rosa also made a cameo in a flashback in Albums & Auditions.

Season 2

Mrs. De la Rosa was mentioned in the beginning of Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction. Trish was talking to her on the phone while working at the Antique shop.

Known Family


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