The Music University of New York, also known as MUNY, is a Music Univeristy in New York in Austin & Ally. It is described to be one of the best music schools in the country. It is mentioned and somewhat appears in Albums & Auditions and is somewhat mentioned in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking. Ally auditioned for this school twice. The first time she did not get accepted, but the second she did. 


In Filmmaking & Fear Breaking, Ally describes how Sonic Boom was hosting auditions for the school. Ally was one of the kids auditioning. She was very nervous about the audition. When it was her turn, the man auditioning the kids began to give her more nerves. Ally began to hallucinate and ended up completely failing the audition. From there on, Ally has been scared of having public humiliation and now has a severe case of stage fright.

In Albums & Auditions, Ally recieves a letter from MUNY. Ally disregards it, as she is not interested in the school. Austin, Trish, and Dez, wanting to help Ally and not knowing where the school is located, agree to trick her into auditioning online. Without Ally knowing, they record her playing the piano as her audition. They then use the video for the MUNY headmaster to watch for her audition. Ally ends up getting into the school. Soon Austin, Trish, and Dez find out from Ally that the school is in New York. Ally must make a choice whether to leave her friends, stop writing for Austin, and go to the school or stay with her friends and continue to contribute to Austin's sky rocketing career. Ally originally plans to go to the school but soon realizes she is living the dream with her friends, as Austin's songwriter and decides to stay.


  • The school is located in New York City, although Austin and Trish somehow believe it is located in Miami.
  • It is the best music school in the country, obviously hard to get into.
  • The school is somewhat the cause of Ally's stage fright.
  • The auditions can also be submitted live online.
  • This school can be considered the equivalent to a school such as Julliard.
  • The acronym for the school is similar to two real-life universities such as State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY).
  • Their talent scout is Mr. Neidermeyer.
  • The school was mentioned in Filmmaking & Fear Breaking and Albums & Auditions.