Musical Marathon


June 2012




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Musical Marathon is an Austin & Ally game on the official Disney Channel website. There are 5 levels.

The Story

Trish has scheduled Austin to perform on TV! But he needs five new songs to perform - and the show is tomorrow! Finish all of the mini challenges in each round to create a new song. Hurry! If you run out of time, the song may be a bust.

Mini Challenges

  • Click the cards to find the matching pair
  • Click all the said instruments (guitars, microphones, drums, etc.)
  • Finish the color wheel (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • Click the numbers on the piano or guitar from high to low or low to high (numerically)
  • Drag the note to the end of the maze
  • Drag the correct note in the space to complete the pattern
  • Click the pieces to rotate them so you can put the picture together
  • Drag the note through the numbers in numerical order
  • Complete the math equations (addition and subtraction). The answer is shown in musical notes. Drag the correct group of notes to the answer space.


  • You get scored out of 8 stars for each level
  • For each mini challenge you are scored on your accuracy and speed. Out of 1000 points. At the end of the level, all of the scores are added up to deteremine your score for the level and whether or not you completed the song.

Songs in the game

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