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myTAB & My Pet
Exterior; B-roll of nighttime Miami area footage, then Interior. Mall of Miami
Ally is wide awake while the rest of Team Austin sleeps in sleeping bags, along with other customers as they wait on line for an anticipated upgraded version of the myTab.
Ally: Rise and shine, sleepy heads. (one sleeping bag bounces up to reveal a startled Dez.) We have a big day ahead. The myTab 6 goes on sale in only 13 hours.
Austin and Dez finally wake up and quite reluctantly.
Ally: How do you like your eggs?
Austin: Four hours from now... and scrambled.
Dez: Why did you have to wake up at... (looking at his wristwatch) 6:00 A.M.? Everybody else is still sleeping. Even the mall statue guy.
Cut to reveal Pirate Frank sleeping in a chair, the mall statue guy sleeping standing up with his hands folded on one side of his head and a pair of blinders, and some random customers.
Ally: (while handing out warm beverages of some kind) I woke you up so we can do this together. We're doing this as a team. Right, Trish? (notices she's not moving, as Austin and Dez get up) Trish? (tries to shake her awake, only to find a mannequin with black curly hair in her place)
Trish: (chuckling nervously) Oh hey guys! I totally slept here. In fact, I'm sleeping now. I'm sleepwalking!
Austin: You're also sleep lying.
Trish: Fine, I didn't sleep here. Why do we have to wait in this ridiculous line if we're only getting one myTab anyway?
Ally: First of all, because it's fun. WHOOOOOOOOO!
Austin: Skip to "second of all."
Ally: Second of all, MyTabs are the hottest thing out there. If we don't get it today it'll be several months before TechTown gets another shipment in.
Dez: I can't wait months. I really need the new video editing app.
Austin: I really need the new music recording app.
Trish: And I really need to re-sell my myTab for five times what we paid for it.
Ally: We're not re-selling it. I hear there's an awesome cloud identifying app. I'm gonna be the coolest girl in my cloud watching club
Austin: If you really wanna be cool, never mention cloud watching club again.
Trish: If all we're gonna do is wait in this line, can't we go back to sleep?
Ally: No, because in exactly five seconds, it's officially Owen's birthday! Happy Birthday, Owen! Or should I say "bird-thday"?
Trish: You should say "birthday." I can't believe you brought Owen to wait in line with us.
Ally: He can keep us company, and tell us stories.
Austin: Ally, your bird doesn't talk.
Ally: He talks. Don't you, Owen? Come on, like we practiced. "Ally's cool. Ally's cool."
Dez: Maybe he can talk, but he can't tell a lie.
Theme Song
Interior. Mall of Miami Food Court
Ally: And that's your last birthday present, Owen. Sorry I didn't get you a lot this year.
The area surrounding Team Austin is cluttered with presents for Owen.
Trish: Didn't get him a lot? We've been watching you open bird presents for 3 hours!
A young, tall heavy-set brunette approaches Team Austin, but there's only one member of that team that she's looking for.
Austin: Uh-oh, Dez, here comes Mindy.
Dez: Oh no! She has a crush on me. Hide me!
Trish: I'll hide you.
Of course, she lies and shoves him right out into the open for Mindy to see.
Mindy: Hey, Dezzy cakes. Did you get my flowers?
Dez: You sent me flowers?
Mindy: No. Did you get me, my flowers?