MyTewb is a parody of YouTube. MyTewb was featured in the Austin & Ally episode, Rockers & Writers. It is also mentioned throughout the show.


In Rockers & Writers, Austin sings the song "Double Take" that was written by Ally and posts it on MyTewb. After, Austin became an Internet sensation, and is even set to appear on the popular evening show, The Helen Show. The comments in MyTweb about "Double Take" were:

  • "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song song song!" (by Austinfan62).
  • "Austin is sooooooooooooo cute" (by Avalynn02).
  • "Great song! Austin rocks!" (by KevinK).
  • ":-) Awesome video. Awesomer song" (by Max99).
  • "I can't stop singing this song!!!" (by Sophie808).
  • "Marry me Austin <3" (by LulaMae).
  • "BEST SONG EVERRRRRRR" (by HeathBiter).
  • "U R an amazing songwriter" (by DoubleNickles).
  • "U made made made ME do a double take" (by Fakename09).
  • "I think I'm in LUV" (by MoonGurl).
  • "What a talented dude" (by DaisyGlaze).
  • "This song is so catchy" (by Remulak).
  • "This is my new favourite song" (by either CinaTina or GinaTina).

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