No Ordinary Day
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Released: January 13, 2013
Episode: "Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath"
Length: 1:12
Austin & Ally chronology
Previous: "Face To Face"
Next: "You Can Come To Me"
Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - No Ordinary Day HD01:14

Austin Moon (Ross Lynch) - No Ordinary Day HD

No Ordinary Day is a song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon. It's featured in the end of Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath, and the beginning of Girlfriends & Girl Friends. In Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath they are making a music video for this song. It makes a small appearance in Girlfriends & Girl Friends when it is revealed to be a number one video. It was written by Justin Trugman, Jaakko Manninen, Maria Christenson, and Shridhar Solanki.


Walked up to you, it was a gray December Monday
Asked for directions on the street
Do you remember it was cold and it was raining?
But it felt like summertime to me

'Cause when you opened up your mouth
It was like sunshine coming out

You changed the world outside my window
Right there, you blew my heart away
And I remember when I met you thinking
That you were not an ordinary girl
This wasn't gonna be no ordinary day

Ordinary day
No, oh
No ordinary day
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
No ordinary day
Oh yeah
No ordinary day



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