Pillow Fight
Solos Stray Kitties 016
Song by The Stray Kitties
Released: June 2, 2013
Episode: Solos & Stray Kitties
Genre(s): Rock
Length: 0:29
Previous: "Butch & Bitey Song"
Next: "Call a Pioneer Ranger"
Pillow fight song by Stray Kitties - Austin & Ally S02 E15 Solos and Stray Kitties00:38

Pillow fight song by Stray Kitties - Austin & Ally S02 E15 Solos and Stray Kitties

Pillow Fight, also known as No Boys Allowed, is a song sung by The Stray Kitties in Solos & Stray Kitties. The song was written by their manager, Val.



Wicked Kitty:
That spells pillow fight!

No, no, no, no boys allowed!

Glamor Kitty:
I'll hit you with my goose down pillow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah we'll be super loud!

Country Kitty:
My cactus pillow will make you say ow!

Oh, oh, oh all the issues will work out!

Wicked Kitty:
I'll smack your face with my leather pillow case.

(ally) ill give a makeover


  • This is the only known song by The Stray Kitties.
  • Because of this song, Ally wanted to leave the Stray Kitties, but she wasn't allowed.
  • In Solos & Stray Kitties, Val confirms that this song is named "Pillow Fight", although when Laura Marano tweeted about it, she said the name was "No Boys Allowed", even though the official name is "Pillow Fight"." [1]
  • While The Stray Kitties were performing, Ally was dancing; yet it is seen in previous episodes she is extremely bad at dancing.


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