Let me get right to the point!
— Ronnie's catchphrase
Ronnie Ramone
Full Name

Ronnie Ramone



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Record producer

Eye Color


Hair Color


First Episode

"Fresh Starts & Farewells"

Last Episode

"Austin & Alias"

Portrayed By

Joe Rowley

Ronnie Ramone owns Ramone Records and he appeared in Fresh Starts & Farewells for the first time, and signed Ally at the end of the episode as his new recording artist.


Fresh Starts & Farewells

In Fresh Starts & Farewells, Trish promised Ally a meeting with Ronnie while she tried to hire potential temporary employees to fill in for her while she served as the opening act for Austin's Full Moon Tour, but mistook Ronnie for one of Ally's potential replacements. It was only during a phone call that Trish realized she was supposed to send Ally to him instead of the other way around. When Austin talked Jimmy Starr into letting Ally join him on tour and trying to give Trish credit, Ronnie walked in just before she went on stage. Impressed with her performance, he insisted that Ally leave the tour and start recording immediately, which she reluctantly agreed to do. He helped Ally record an album, while she was left with a parting-gift from Austin.

Road Trips & Reunions

He did not appear in this episode but he was briefly mentioned.

Austin & Alias

In Austin & Alias, Ronnie wanted Ally to stop writing songs for Austin, since he's part of a different record label. After Team Austin failed to find a suitable replacement, Ally wrote songs for him under the pseudonym "Roxy Rocket," even going so far as to create a different look and personality for herself; a hot-tempered faux-punk blonde from Sweden. Later, when Ronnie found out Roxy was Ally, she used some of Roxy's attitude to help change his mind about dropping her from his label. After telling Ally no one speaks to him that way, Ronnie said he was scared and impressed of Roxy aka Ally and accepted the deal.


  • As if it isn't obvious enough, Ronnie Ramone's surname was inspired by the proto-punk rock band The Ramones, a favourite of the creators.
  • His catchphrase seems to be "Let me get right to the point!", as seen in Fresh Starts & Farewells
  • He owns Ramone Records.
  • He may sign Austin Moon in Season 4 now that Jimmy Starr has released him from his record label in the Season 3 Finale, though Austin is still banned from making any music due to the previous contract he signed with Jimmy, despite not working for him anymore.
  • Unlike Jimmy Starr, Ronnie Ramone appears to be more acceptable of Auslly, as he allowed Ally to continue to write songs with Austin, even while he was still working for Jimmy, his rival, at that moment.



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