Shelby Hayden
Full Name

Shelby Hayden



Resides in

Miami, Florida


Apprentice dancer

Eye Color


Hair Color



Violet Hayden (sister),
Mrs Hayden (Mother),
Mr Hayden (Father)


students of the A&A Music Factory


The A&A Music Factory (music school)

First Episode

"Homework & Hidden Talents"

Last Episode

"Homework & Hidden Talents"

Portrayed By

Maddie Ziegler

Shelby Hayden is a new student at the Austin & Ally Music Factory.

Shelby is portrayed by Maddie Ziegler.

Her activity: dancing.


Shelby has a noted lack of confidence due to being under the shadow of her older sister. Despite being a talented dancer, she doesn't see her dancing as something on the same level as Violet, and does so mostly out of boredom.



She is a girl who is not a great violinist, but a very talented dancer. She lives with her sister and her parents.


Homework & Hidden Talents

She is first introduced after Violet's violin performance. Violet hands her the violin and wished her good luck. Austin asked her if she was any good at the violin, she said no. Ally then promised her that she can make her good as Violet. She then plays the violin terribly. At her first lesson, Ally taught her to be delicate. But she isn't delicate enough, causing her to break the violin. After Austin & Ally left to talk, it turned out that she snapped the violin in half, looking for violin glue. She is next seen playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" horribly and off tune. When Austin dances to his new moves, Shelby follows him, behind his back. Discouraged by the comparison between her and her sister, Shelby gives up her lessons. When Shelby came back to the Austin & Ally Music Factory, Austin & Ally tried to talk her into taking other instruments. She then got up stage and started dancing when they aren't paying attention. Austin tries to examine her ability and finds out she's actually better at dancing than him. Once Friends and Family Night at A&A Music Factory arrives, Ally announces Shelby to the stage. Her dance routine beings with her pretending to play the violin and using it as a prop, to a background recording of "Finally Me." Austin joins her in the routine, which uses the entire store as a stage, and the rest of Team Austin decides to help in her routine. When Shelby finished, she as glad that she finally impressed her sister. Shelby thanks Team Austin for her lessons, and invites Austin for another run around the store, but Austin is too exhausted to join her. She is last shown dancing with Dez.

Physical Appearance

Shelby has brown hair and brown eyes. She puts her hair down straight and sometimes has a braid to the side.


  • She is a very talented dancer.
  • She performed with Austin.
  • She's good at breaking things.
  • She's probably the first girl practicing dancing at the music school.


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