Sonic Boom is an Austin & Ally game on the official Disney Channel website.

Sonic Boom (Game)


January 2012




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Musical Marathon

The Story

Austin's become a major hit with the fans after performing some recent concerts around town. Because of Austin's success, sales at the Sonic Boom music shop have been booming! Customers are lining up purchasing musical goods and it's up to you to assist Ally and her friends to meet the demand!


  • Day 1- Your goal is $1,000
  • Day 2- Your goal is $1,500
  • Day 3- Your goal is $2,000
  • Day 4- Your goal is $2,500
  • Day 5- Your goal is $3,000


Customers will request items, that appear at the bottom of their avatars. Each customer comes will a patience. The longer they wait the less patient they will become. To prevent them from eventually leaving, find the item in
the store and drag it to the customer. If the item is correct, a checkmark will appear, if not, a guitar will strum.

There is a certain amount of money you must reach each game. That is your goal. You want to sell as much instruments as possible to get to the goal.

You are being timed with 2:15 minutes on the clock. You must reach your goal within that time limit.

Each time you play, you will be scored on your accuracy, timing, how many customers you completed, and how many you kept waiting. The scores are out of 5 music notes.

Friend Bonus

Serve 3 happy customers in a row to earn the friend bonus. Dez, Austin, or Trish will give you cash, help you gather instruments, etc.

Levels of Patience

  • Green face- Happy customer
  • Yellow face- Loosing patience
  • Red face- Angry customer

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