Sonic Boom Blues
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Episode: "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"
Genre(s): Blues
Length: 0:14
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Austin & Ally - "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" Sonic Boom Blues Clip00:25

Austin & Ally - "Magazines & Made-Up Stuff" Sonic Boom Blues Clip

Sonic Boom Blues is a song by Austin Moon at the beginning of Magazines & Made-Up Stuff, after the opening credits. This song, created out of Austin's boredom, is about Ally Dawson and her job at Sonic Boom. It has no real relevance to the episode, but serves as a comedic act.


Ally helps a customer,
Always gives correct change,
Puts the headphones in the bag,
And says, "Have a nice day!"
She's got the Sonic Boom Blues


  • This is the second time we hear of Austin's own song composition, the first one was Song Song from Rockers & Writers; but, in a way, it's his first complete composition we get to hear.
  • This song was completely created out of boredom.
  • This is a bit similar to when Chyna Parks sang Detention Blues in The ReplacemANT, an episode of ANT Farm.
  • This song is about Ally and how she does her job in Sonic Boom.
  • This song may be a parody of "Bad to the Bone".
  • Austin created it about Ally helping a customer in Sonic Boom.
  • Austin played this song with an acoustic guitar that has been seen in previous episodes.


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