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Soups & Stars
Interior. Sonic Boom .
Austin and Dez are playing a giant guitar. 
Ally: What are yinz doing?
Austin: Shooting a commercial for Sonic Boom.
Ally: My dad is paying you to shoot a commercial? In real money? 'Cause I got chicken fingers for allowance last week.
Dez: I'm doing it for free. I'm hoping when other stores see it, they'll pay me to shoot their commercials.
Trish: Whoa, you're actually doing work free? You're supposed to get pay not to work. Have I taught you nothing?
Ally: So what's up with the huge guitar?
Dez: Every director needs a "thing". My "thing" is giant props and the splits. Okay, maybe just giant props.
Ally: My thing is twitting. That's right, I join tweeter. Ever heard of it?
Trish: You're just joining tweeter now? 
Ally: Yep, Ally Dawson is officially a passenger on a train? All aboard. A-woot woot!
Austin: Ally. The tweeter train left the station about two years ago. And apparently, it left you stranded there.
Ally: Well, I got on this week, And I'm already up to 11 followers.
Dez: Austin just got 3,000 followers.
Ally: This week?
Dez: This morning.
Ally: I don't get it. I post really great twits.
Trish: Let me see. "The radiant glow of a friendly smile Will warm a heart for a million miles"? Is this a twit or your English paper?
Ally: What are you talking about?
Trish: Twits are supposed to be silly and fun.
Austin: You put way too much thought into your twits. Here, check out what I posted when I was eating pancakes with Dez. 
Ally: "Eating pancakes with Dez."
Austin: See? no thought.
Ally: All right, let me try something fun. "Chilling at sonic boom with my buds." "There is nothing more important than the moments you share with your friends." Twit! Hey, I just lost three followers.
Theme Song
Interior. Sonic Boom.
Trish: Guess who got a job at Suzy's Soups? You'll never guess who the owner is.
Ally: Wait, don't tell me--someone named Suzy?
Trish: t's miss Suzy, our elementary school music teacher.
Ally: No way! I loved Miss Suzy. She's a big reason why I start to take music seriously.
Trish: She's a big reason why I to take naps in class. She was so boring.
Ally: So miss Suzy's not teaching anymore?
Trish: No, she's retired, But she still acts like a third grade teacher. She gives us gold stars for doing good work And instead of breaks, she gives us recess.
Ally: Ah, recess. Nothing better than curling up in the library with a good book, huh? What? I hated the playground. I was always getting nailed in the head with a dodge ball.
Trish: Ah, dodge ball.
Ally: So miss Suzy still gives out gold stars, huh? I never got one of those.
Trish: Really? I got this one for spilling hot soup on only one customer today. And this one for going potty.
Ally: I wanna go see miss Suzy. I'm gonna twit an update. I'm getting good at these. "Cruisin' to Suzy's soups to see my old teach." "Teachers are like candles, they light the way for others."
Trish: It's like you want to get hit by dodge balls.
Interior. Suzy's Soup.

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