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Starr Records
Starr records




Jimmy Starr


Miami (most likely)

Known Artists

Austin Moon (formerly)
Kira Starr

Starr Records is a music record label owned by Jimmy Starr. Austin Moon was signed to the label along with Kira Starr, Jimmy's daughter. According to Trish (In Successes & Setbacks) this is one of the best records in the business. Austin got fired from Starr Records in Relationships & Red Carpets, when he chose Ally over his career. It's unknown if Starr Records will appear in Season 4.


In Successes & Setbacks, Team Austin gets a record deal from the company after they spot Jimmy at Sonic Boom. Austin introduces himself and Jimmy asks for a demo from him so he can consider him for the label. Later in the episode, Jimmy comes to Sonic Boom and asks for the demo early which is not ready due to Austin getting vocal nodules and having to rest his voice. Instead, Austin performs The Way That You Do right on the spot for Jimmy which leads to his record deal.

In Albums & Auditions, Starr Records holds an album release party for Austin's new album.

Jimmy Starr owns Starr Records

In Costumes & Courage, Starr Records hosted a Halloween party, which the team attended along with other celebrities dressed up in costumes for Halloween.

Jimmy signs his daughter, Kira, in Tracks & Troubles. Also in that episode, Jimmy calls Ally in to the studio to talk to her which Ally hopes is for a record deal, but it turns out it was only to ask her for a song for Kira. Later in the episode, after Ally performs Finally Me, Jimmy offers Ally a record deal, but Trish declines for her, as Ally already has many other offers. Also, in the same episode, Jimmy fires Austin for accidentally recording over Kira's track but rehires him when he finds out it was a mistake.

In the Season 3 finale, Relationships & Red Carpets, Jimmy fired Austin from Starr Records, after Austin chose Ally over his career, so it's unknown if Starr Records will be featured in Season 4.



  • Austin Moon (2012-2013; 2013-present, rehired, 2014 - fired)
  • Kira Starr (2013-present)
  • Other artists (Unknown-present)




  • Jimmy Starr - Owner (Unknown-present)
  • Trish De La Rosa -Austin's manager (2012-2013; 2013-present, rehired)
  • Dez - Austin's director/cameraman (2012-2013; 2013-present, rehired)


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