Successes & Setbacks
Interior. Sonic Boom
Austin and Dez are standing in the vicinity of the sales counter at Sonic Boom. Austin walks over to the left of us towards the back door, and Ally walks over to him from under the balcony.
Ally: Um, guys... What are you doing?
Austin: Building the first ever musical instrument domino course.
Dez: Hit it, Austin! (they high-five each other)
Austin starts a row of harmonicas moving up the railing between the first as a second floor, and it comes back down again, knocking a microphone onto a tambourine that slides down and knocks over some violin cases, the last one of which falls onto some empty CD cases knocking over blue harmonicas that knock over some more CD cases, the last one of which bounces off of a kettle drum, then onto a snare drum, hitting a guitar case that hits another violin case, knocking a microphone attached to the head of a guitar onto a cymbal on the side of a piano. That cymbal rolls across the piano, and bumps into a sousaphone case , which somehow cuts a rope, dropping an amplifier off the counter top and fall on an accordion forcing air pressure leading to a tuba. Dez runs into that tuba expecting something to happen, and is instantly disappointed.
Dez: Well, that stunk.
Austin: What? That was amazing.
Ally: Yeah, I gotta admit, that was pretty cool.
Dez: No it wasn't. At the end, pudding was supposed to explode out of the tuba. What's the point of knocking all those instruments if there's no pudding explosion? (grunts in frustration and walks away)
Just then Trish walks in dressed like a sausage wrapped in falaffel bread with toppings, although some might mistake her for a hot dog. A tall, sharply dressed, bald African-American man with tinted glasses walks in front of her, but nobody notices for a while. He sits down to read a magazine.
Trish: Guess who got a job at the... (gasps, then sighs)
Austin: You got a job at... (imitating her gaps and sigh)? What kind of a place is that?
Trish: No, I got a job at the Sausage Cart. I said (gasps) Because of that guy over there. I'm pretty sure that's Jimmy Starr. He owns Starr Records.
Austin: No way! He's like one of the biggest names in music. I'm gonna go get a better look.
Ally: Don't make it obvious.
Austin: Ally, Please. (seems like he'll be subtle) Jimmy Starr!
He turns around, as Ally ducks behind the counter, Trish turns around, and Austin ducks behind Trish's costume. Jimmy resumes reading his magazine, as Austin, Ally and Trish emerge from hiding.
Austin: It's him.
Ally: No way. I've been giving his son violin lessons for weeks. I had no idea.
Trish: This is huge. Your best shot at a record deal is sitting right there. You know what you need to do, right?
Ally: Oh yeah. I'll keep giving his son lessons each week, dropping very subtle hints about Austin's music. Then, in 4 to 5 months-
Trish: (interrupting) No, we're doing this now. (she approaches Jimmy Starr, dragging the pop-star and songwriter with her) Jimmy, baby. How the heck are you?
Jimmy Starr: Let's start with who the heck are you?
Trish: You, know, Trish. We met at that thing. (chuckles, then makes gun-clicking noises)
Jimmy Starr: I'm pretty sure I'd remember talking to a sausage.
Trish: Okay we've never met. But I know who you are, and I would like to introduce you to my client, Austin Moon. (she nudges Austin in front of her to get closer to Jimmy)
Jimmy Starr: Oh, I heard of you. My son's a fan. What are you working on now?
Austin: Well, we just started writing this new song called "The Way That You Do."
Jimmy Starr: Ahh, I'll tell you what; I'll be back next week for my son's lesson. Have yourselves a demo of that song ready. If I like it, you can have yourselves a record deal.
Austin: Awesome! I'm gonna get a record deal.
Austin & Dez: What up!
Jimmy Starr: I said "might," and "if."
Austin & Dez: (less enthusiastically) What up!
Ally: I have a great feeling about this! You're a Starr, he's a Moon; together, you'll rule the galaxy! (realizing he's not impressed with her puns) I'm going to stand over here where I can't embarrass myself...
pudding shoots out of the tuba, and splatters all over Ally's face and upper body.
Dez: Fixed it! (Hoots triumphantly, as Ally gives him a dirty look)
Theme Song
Interior; Ally's practice room
Team Austin is working on the song The Way That You Do. After the bridge, he takes a break.
Austin: Whoo! I nailed the bridge that time.
Ally: That was great. One more time, and I think it'll be perfect.
Austin: But we've been here for hours, and my throat's killing me.
Ally: I know you're working hard, but this demo has to be perfect for Jimmy Starr.
Trish: Hey, he's not the only one who's been working hard. I've been slaving over these cover designs all night for Austin.
Trish holds up a cover of Austin Moon holding up a sign reading "Managed by Trish."
Austin: My name's not on that one.
Trish: Okay, that's why we have options
Trish holds up a cover of herself holding up a small lettering in the palm of her hand reading "Austin Moon."
Dez: I've been working hard too. I've been glued to the soundboard all night. (raises his hands in the air to reveal two components of the soundboard stuck to his hands) I have no idea how this happened.
Ally: Come on, we're in the zone. You know what they say; Once the bacon gets groovin', there's just no stopping that sizzle! (imitates a "sizzle" as she hands Austin a pair of headphones)
Trish: I'm pretty sure you're the only one that says that.
Austin: All right, fine. One more time, and then we call it quits. Dez, hit record.
Dez: (Bangs his head on a button) Recording. (kicks a computer keyboard)
Austin resumes the bridge of The Way That You Do, but suddenly squeaks at the high note. He tries the last line again, but still squeaks. The third time is not the charm.
Austin: Dez, I think something's wrong.
Dez: Uhh, yeah. It's supposed to be ♫ "...burning it up!,"♫ and you're going ♫ "... burning it up (gags)!"♫
Austin: No, there's something wrong with my voice. I can't hit that note.
Dez: Yeah. You're telling me.
Trish: Okay, nobody panic. I'm sure Austin will be able to hid the note in the morning. All you need is a good night's sleep.
Interior; Sonic Boom: The Next day
Austin tries the note again, but Trish's recommendation for a good night's sleep didn't work.
Trish: Okay. Maybe two good nights.
Austin: What's going on? I used to be able to hit that note in my sleep.
Dez: Oh, you sleep-sing? I sleep paint. Whipped up this little puppy last night.
Dez bends over the counter to reach for a canvas featuring a painting of a little puppy in a field of grass.
Austin: I can't believe this is happening now. Jimmy Starr's coming in a week.
Ally: Austin, relax. So what if we don't have a finished song for him? That just means we'll lose the best chance we'll ever have of getting a record deal.
Austin: How's that supposed to make me relax?
Ally: I don't know, I'm not good at this!
Trish: We should call your parents. You need to go to the doctor.
Dez: WAIT! Before we go to the doctor, there's something I've always wanted to try first! (Dez holds up a brown beverage in a traveler's mug) It's lemon, garlic, beet root, three blades of grass, chicken liver, fish oil, and one cup of mud!
Austin: How's that going to help my throat?
Dez: It's not. It's just something I've always wanted to try. (he takes a drink of the homemade beverage) Yep. I was right; It's disgusting! (in spite of that, he takes another swig of the beverage, as the rest of Team Austin look on in disgust)
Exterior; B-Roll of Miami, including an apparent medical office, then interior shot of that medical office.
Austin sits on an medical table while the rest of his friends stand around him.
Austin: I hate doctor's offices. They always creep me out. What if there's something really wrong with my voice?
Ally: Don't worry, Austin. I'm sure everything's going to be fine. I remember when I was six, I took my pet goldfish Moby to the vet, and he was nervous too.
Austin: And everything turned out fine?
Ally: No, we had to flush him. Why I do keep trying to cheer you up?
Austin's parents, Mimi and Mike enter the office.
Mimi Moon: Hey, we got you some tea with honey... for my honey.
Austin: Thanks, mom.
Mimi Moon: Yeah. So did they come back with the test results yet?
Austin: No, we're still waiting
Mike Moon: The service here stinks. You know, in our mattress store, we get you in, we get you out, and we get you sleeping in no time, because...
Mike and Mimi Moon: At Moon's Mattress Kingdom, there's no hassle in our castle.
Both parents blow kisses and fake haughty laughs. The doctor finally walks into the room.
Dr. Grant: Thanks for your patience, folks.
Dez: Give it to us straight, doc. We can take it.
Dr. Grant: Well, we ran some tests...
Dez bawls as if Austin only has mere minutes to live.
Dr. Grant: I haven't given the results yet.
Dez: Oh. Then proceed.
Dr. Grant: Well, it looks like Austin here, has nodules on his vocal chords.
Austin: Nodules?! Not nodules! What are nodules?
Dr. Grant: Don't worry. It's not that serious. But if left untreated, it could prevent you from ever singing again.
Most of Team Austin and his parents have their own shocked reactions.
Dez: Ahh, I see. And how will this affect his dancing?
Dr. Grant: Does he have to in be here?
Trish: Welcome to my world, doc.
Mimi Moon: What kinds of treatment procedures are there, doctor?
Dr. Grant: Well, there's a very simple procedure that can cure Austin completely. And it has a quick recovery time, so you could be singing again in less than a week. 
Ally: See? I told you there was nothing to worry about.
Dr. Grant: But there are some possible side effects.
Ally: See? I knew there was something to worry about.
Mike Moon: What are the side effects?
Dr. Grant: Well, there's a chance with the procedure That Austin's voice may be permanently altered.
Austin: Wait. If I don't have the procedure, I may never sing again. But if I do, I may never sing the same again?
Dr. Grant: That's correct.
Dez: Remind me again, doc Where did we land on the dancing?
Dr. Grant: Seriously, you need to leave.
Exterior; B-roll of Mall of Miami, then Interior; Sonic Boom
Austin sits at a piano, sadly playing an instrumental tune. Ally, Trish and Dez walk over to him from under the balcony.
Ally: Hey, Austin. We feel bad about what you're going through, so we got you some gifts. I knitted you a scarf with all our names on it.
Austin: Thanks.
Dez: I got you a giant get-well-soon card. (Ally and Dez do just that, and open up the card, which includes huge portraits of each other on each page)
Trish: And I'm gonna sign the giant get-well-soon card, because I didn't know we were doing gifts.
Austin: Thanks guys.
Ally: We're really sorry we pushed you so hard. We feel like it's our fault your voice is damaged.
Austin: Don't feel bad. It's not your fault.
Trish: I know. That's why I didn't get you anything.
Austin: I just don't know what to do about this procedure.
Dez: Ugh, It's a tough decision. Let's make a pros and cons list.
Ally: Oooh, pros and cons lists. I love them. You want to know why? Pro; They make decisions easy. Cons; There isn't one! I love them! Okay, Austin. Go ahead.
Austin: Pro, with the procedure, I'll be able to sing again. Con; with the side-effects, I could end up sounding like a chipmunk.
Dez: Or, a bottle-nosed dolphin. (imitates a bottle-nosed dolphin)
Ally: Dez, he's not going to sound like a dolphin.
Trish: Uh, we don't know that. I mean, I don't wanna worry you, but you could sound like anything.
Austin: (scoffs nervously) I'm not worried.
A fantasy segment begins of Austin at a concert. Some applause can be heard in the background.
Austin: Hey, everybody! Thanks for coming out. This one's called "Break Down the Walls." (Austin begins singing the chorus to the song in a tiny chipmunk voice. He stops the song and clears his throat) Looks like we're having some technical difficulties. Let me try one more time. (He starts the song again, but isn't even singing this time, and simply chirping like a bottle-nosed dolphin. Austin struggles to remedy the situation as the audience boos at him.)
Fantasy segment ends.
Austin: I don't wanna sound like a dolphin! What should I do? This is the toughest decision I've ever had to make.
Dez: Decisions are easy Just flip a coin. Let's see. I've got a quarter, a nickel and a dime. Which one should I flip? Man! Decisions are hard to make.
Austin: Forget it, Dez.
Ally: We should probably call Jimmy Starr, and tell him we need a little more time to finish our demo.
Trish: Okay, I'll handle it. I'm your manager. It's my job to make your life easier. (talking on phone with Jimmy Starr) Jimmy baby, it's Trish. Listen, we're gonna need a little more time with that demo. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Perfect!
Ally: Yes!
Austin: So we got more time?
Trish: Actually, no. He wants it a day earlier.
Interior; Mall of Miami Food Court
Ally, Austin, Mike and Mimi are sitting at a table
Mike: I know you got your heart set on a music career, kiddo, but you ought a take this throat thing as a sign.
Mimi: Yes, sweetie. Look, we love your music, but why take a risk when you've got a sure thing in the family business?
Austin: I don't wanna spend my life selling mattresses.
Mike: Don't you wanna be part of a legacy? Your mother and I are the mattress King and Queen of Miami. You know what that makes you?
Austin: Embarrassed?
Mike and Mimi both chuckle.
Mike: You're the Prince of Moon's Mattress Kingdom, and one day - that kingdom will be yours to rule.
Mimi: Mmm-hmmmmm.
Ally: But in a few days, he could have a deal at Starr Records.
Austin: Yeah, I'm so close, and performing's my dream.
Mike: You get that from me. I love to perform too.
Mimi: It's true, you do.
Mike: And you still get to do that in our job. Have you seen our latest commercial?
Mike and Mimi both put paper crowns on their heads, stand up firmly and start doing fake British accents, as if they're about to perform in one of their commercials.
Mike: Come on down to Moon's Mattress Kingdom.
Mimi: Where our mattresses are firm, but our prices are soft.
Mike: This week, we hereby declare, all matresses half-off. (reverts to normal, then picks Austin up from his chair) Come on, son. Say the slogan with us.
Austin: I don't really want to.
Mimi: Oh, come on, Prince Austin. (puts a paper crown on Austin's head)
Mike and Mimi Moon: Moon's Mattress Kingdom, there's no hassle in our castle.
Both parents blow kisses and fake haughty laughs.
Mike: You've got a lot to think about.
Mimi: Yeah, we'll see you at home, sweetie. (pinching his cheeks) You look so cute in your little crown.
Mike: Your Highness.
Mimi laughs haughtily, as they both walk off-screen.
Austin: I'm doing the procedure. (throwing his crown in a garbage pale behind him)
Ally: Are you sure?
Austin: Yeah. I don't want to be the Mattress Prince. And singing is my life.
Ally: What if the procedure doesn't work? This could end your career.
Austin: Then either way my career is over. I can't believe I might never sing again. I made up my mind. I have to take this chance. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't sing the songs you write for me.
Ally: (smiling) Thanks, Austin. (gives him a big hug)
Austin: I'm gonna go call Dr. Grant.
Austin walks off stage. Ally stays behind and turns around to pick up the paper crown that he threw it in the garbage pale. She puts it on her head, and starts talking in a fake British accent.
Ally: 'Ello. I'm Princess Ally. Oh, of course I'll kiss you, Mr. Frog. (starts to kiss the imaginary frog, when she's interrupted by Austin in another part of the mall.)
Austin: (O.S.) Ally!
Ally: Uh, Coming.
Ally throws the paper crown that he threw it in the garbage pale, and follows Austin off stage.
Interior; Ally's practice room
Team Austin is awaiting his return from the hospital. A huge banner reading "Welcome BACK, Austin!" is placed over the windows, and Dez is struggling to blow up some balloons.
Ally: I can't wait to see Austin. It's been two days since his procedure.
Trish: Dez, are you almost done with those balloons?
Dez: Yep. I just blew up a hundred balloons. Now all I've got to do is tie them.
Before he can even try to tie them, he lets them all loose as they fly around the room. Just then Austin walks in and his parents walk behind him.
Ally: Austin, welcome back! (gives him another big hug)
Dez: Welcome back, buddy. What do you think of the decorations? (Dez tries to blow up another balloon. Austin casually shrugs.) Fine! Really? The silent treatment? I just sort of nearly blew up 100 balloons for you. (lets the balloon loose, and almost walks out in a huff, only to sit in front of some recording equipment.)
Mike: No, the doctor put him under strict vocal rest to make sure his throat heals properly.
Mimi: He has to remain silent for 48 hours. (to Austin) Only 12 more to go. (back to the team) The doctor says it's crucial that Austin doesn't say a word.
Dez: Got it. What word?
Mimi: He can't sat anything.
Dez: Got it. "Can't say the word, 'anything'." Well, That shouldn't be too hard.
Trish: He can't speak at all. Maybe you should try that.
Exterior; B-roll of Sonic Boom, then interior; Ally's practice room
Austin is sitting on a chair reading a magazine. Dez walks in carrying a backpack in front of himself.
Dez: I know you can't talk buddy, so I came up with a foolproof communication system for you with these colored scarves. It's easy. Just wave the blue scarf if you're thirsty, the green is to signal danger, the... oh, wait. The Red is to signal danger, the green is if you spot a snake, or was that the purple? Anyway, the pink is if you're late for prom. Put all these together if you need a coffee... (Austin casually picks up a yellow scarf, which scares Dez for some reason) Yellow? There's a spider on your shirt?! I'll get it! (begins swatting the "spider" with a magazine) I'm gonna get it, buddy. I'm gonna help you. I know spiders are dangerous, just let me help you. It's okay. Where is it? Where is it?
Interior; Mall of Miami Food Court
Ally brings Austin a bowl of soup.
Ally: I brought you some hot soup to make your throat feel better. You're doing great. You only have to be quiet for six more hours. How hard could that be?
Austin drops the soup in his own lap. He seems like he's about to scream until Dez sneaks up behind him and grabs his mouth in order to prevent him from doing so.
Dez: It's okay. I'll scream for you. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
Interior; Sonic Boom
Austin is sorting out some instructional CD's. A caucasian brunette girl that he finds attractive gives him the eye, but he can't introduce himself to her, because of his recovery. He also spots Trish walking down the stairs from the balcony, and writes a note for her to read. He hands her the note and points to the girl he wants to talk to.
Trish: That girl is checking me out. Help me. Ahh, I got you. (Trish approaches the girl) Quit staring at my friend! You're freaking him out! (the girl is scared away, and Austin is clearly upset) Your welcome.
Interior; Sonic Boom
Austin and Ally are walking down the stairs from the balcony
Ally: I wonder if I could stop talking for 48 hours. Granted I'm not much of a talker. Sure, I talk sometimes. I'm not not a talker, but when I do... (Austin gives her a look that makes her realize...) Yeah, I couldn't do it.
Dez: (running towards him) Only a few hours left. I can't believe you went two whole days without saying a word. That's why you're my best friend.
Austin and Dez: What-Up! (Both are shocked as they realized Austin put his vocal chords in jeopardy)
Ally: Austin, you just talked!
Austin: I know, I wasn't thinking. (tries to stop himself from talking some more)
Trish: But the 48 hours aren't up yet. Do you think you ruined your voice?
Austin: I don't know. (catches himself again)
Trish: Why do you keep talking?
Austin: Because you keep asking me questions!
Ally: Let's all stop talking. We'll keep Austin quiet for a couple more hours, we'll record the demo, and by the time Jimmy gets here we'll be...
Trish: (interrupting) Uhh, guys...
Trish points to the door, and the scene is cut to Jimmy Starr entering Sonic Boom.
Jimmy: Change of plans, kids. I'm catching a plane in an hour, so I wanted to pop by and get that demo a little early.
Ally: Look over there! (Jimmy does) Run! (she tries to escape, but realizes nobody is joining her pathetic effort to get away) Well, that's all I've got. Does somebody else got a plan?
Trish: Look, Mr. Starr. I hate to say this, but we don't have your demo. We thought we'd have a couple more hours to finish it.
Jimmy: Aww, that's too bad. I don't have a couple of more hours. Guess I won't be signing you after all.
Jimmy tries to leave, but Austin runs towards him before he gets out the door.
Austin: Mr. Starr, wait. Don't leave. (brief pause) I'm gonna perform the song live.
Ally: What?
Trish: Huh?
Dez: Cool.
Jimmy: That works. Alright, but make it fast. I'm in a hurry.
Austin: Give us five minutes. We'll be ready. (runs back to the counter) Dez, you know what to do.
Dez: Yes. Yes, I do. (bolts up to the balcony)
Ally: What are you doing? You haven't had a chance to test out your voice. What if you've permanently damaged it? What if you can't hit the notes?
Austin: Well, we're about to find out.
Cut to five minutes later. Austin is on the balcony of Sonic Boom with a microphone stand at the corner outside of Ally's practice room, while the rest of Team Austin and Jimmy are at the bottom.
Austin: Hit it, Dez.
Dez clicks on a personal computer as Austin, and his band play and record the song "The Way That You Do," which includes him dancing around both floors of Sonic Boom. Naturally a crowd gathers in Sonic Boom. During the bridge, the scene is briefly cut to Ally and Dez among the crowd.
Ally: Here comes the high note
Dez: Shhh! Austin is singing.
As if there had never been anything wrong, Austin continues to perform the song with his standard big finish, to much applause from the crowd in the store.
Jimmy: Austin, I've been in the business a long time, and talent like yours doesn't come around every day. How would you like a contract with Starr Records?
Ally, Trish and Dez all squeal with excitement.
Jimmy: Well, I'll take that as a yes?
Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez: YES!
Jimmy: (shaking Austin's hand) Then you have yourselves a deal. (Jimmy leaves)
Austin: Whoo-Hoo!
Ally: We always knew this day would come.
Dez: That's why we got you a giant congratulations card. (Ally and Dez do just that, and like with the get-well card, it includes huge portraits of each other on each page)
Trish: And once again, no one told me we were getting you anything for you. Mint? (she gives him one)
Interior; Undetermined Miami television studio.
Mike and Mimi are in one of their commercials, dressed in full royal garb (crowns, robes, staffs, etcetera). A queen-size bed is between the parents who walk around it. A sky blue background with the Moon's Mattress Kingdom company logo and a fake castle on top of a cloud with the rays of the sun beaming behind it, and a crescent moon with a face and a crown on top.
Mike: Come on down to Moon's Mattress Kingdom.
Mimi: Where our mattresses are firm, but our prices are soft.
Mike: This week, we hereby declare, all prices half-off.
Both parents laugh haughtily.
Mimi: Our prices are the best in town. But don't take it from us. (normal voice) Take it from Starr Records' recording artist...
Mike and Mimi: Austin Moon!
Austin climbs up from behind the headboard and bounces onto the bed.
Austin: (with fake British accent) Yup, their prices are the best in town. So come on down to Moon's Mattress Kingdom.
Mike, Mimi, and Austin: There's no hassle in our castle.
All three Moons blow kisses and fake haughty laughs.
Mimi: Aww, that's my little prince. (pinches Austin's cheek)
Austin: Mom!
(End Credits shown. End of episode).
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