Suzy's Soups






Assumed to be Miss Suzy



Number of locations

1 (known)

Known Workers

Miss Suzy
Trish (assumed to be fired)
Ally (assumed to quit)

Suzy's Soups is a soup restaurant in Miami, Florida, located in the Mall of Miami, on the show Austin & Ally. It is owned by Miss SuzyAlly and Trish's elementary school music teacher. Miss Suzy gives out gold stars to her employees if they work well. She also gives her employees recess instead of breaks. It nearly ran out of business when Ally posted a picture of a spider in a bowl of soup on her Tweeter, but eventually came back to business when Ally and the gang made a commercial. It was only shown once in the series and was never seen or mentioned again except for Records & Wrecking Balls when Trish was telling Carrie every job she worked at.


Miss Suzy's Soups
The store is on the newer side, owned by Ally and Trish's former music teacher, Miss Suzy. The store nearly ran out of business when word got out that spiders were in the soup. Soon, a commercial for the store was made and by Ally, Dez, Austin and Trish. it gained more business. Suzy's Soups is located in the Mall of Miami.


Suzy's Soup Pic
  • Trish: Trish was an employee there. She possibly got fired off-camera or quit. She no longer works there. She was given gold stars many times by Miss Suzy.
  • Ally: She filled in for Trish one time. When she came to Sonic Boom after the commercial, she was covered in gold stars.
  • Miss Suzy: Owner of Suzy Soups.


Suzy's Soups
Main article: Suzy's Soups Jingle

A commercial for Suzy's Soups was made when it almost ran out of business. The commercial contained a catchy jingle to catch hearts of people all around. It starred Austin, Ally and Trish while Dez directed and edited the commercial.The catchy song was- "soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup!" Austin and Ally had a fight about who's song would be featured in the commercial and who's idea would be used as a concept.



  • It is a soup restaurant.
  • It first appeared at Soups & Stars.
  • Trish was working there and then Ally got a job too.
  • The owner is Miss Suzy.

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