Suzy's Soups Jingle
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Song by Austin Moon
Episode: "Soups & Stars"
Genre(s): Pop, jingle
Length: 0:28
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Austin & Ally - Suzys Soups Commercial Jingle00:28

Austin & Ally - Suzys Soups Commercial Jingle

Suzy's Soups Jingle is a song written by Ally Dawson and Austin Moon and was performed by Austin Moon and with Trish as an actress in the commercial in the episode "Soups & Stars".



When the pressure of life gets you down
And you wanna turn that frown upside down

Don't be sad, don't be blue
Miss. Suzy's got a soup for you
Soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup
Soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup
Soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, soup!


Suzy's Soups, so good you'll wanna dive right in!

We do not have spiders...


  • This song is for Suzy's Soups commercial.
  • This jingle is not featured on the Austin & Ally Soundtrack.
  • Officially, the gang didn't finish shooting the commercial. Dez actually edited all that they had shot into one commercial.
  • This song was made so people would go to Suzy's Soups after everyone thought there were bugs in the soup.
  • This is the first commercial the gang has done together.
  • This was not Ally's original song, her original song was much more thought out and considered by Suzy to be a "triumph of the human spirit," but also says that "they were only trying to sell soup," so they used Austin's idea and made it simpler.
  • Part of this song is written by Ally, while the other part is created by Austin.
  • This song is similar to the first song Austin wrote, the Song Song, because it repeats just one word.
  • Dez directed and edited the video.
  • Dez posted the commercial to Ally's Tweeter feed.
  • It was featured at Soups & Stars.


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