Swamp Bride
Swamp Bride

Name of the movie

Swamp Bride


Zaliens & Cloud Watchers


Fictional horror

Swamp Bride is the name of a fictional horror movie from the Season 1 episode Zaliens & Cloud Watchers. It was one of the movies that were played during the Fright Fest at the Movie Theater; Austin and Ally dressed up as characters from this movie at the Fright Fest.


There is a wedding (presumably between the Swamp Monster and the Swamp Bride) and the Swamp Monster eats the bridesmaids due to a lack of appetizers.


  • The picture could have been a type of foreshadowing: Ally is dressed up as the Swamp Bride and visits the pond with Austin. In the picture, it shows the Swamp Bride standing on water, like on a pond.
  • There is a small poster of Swamp Bride in Dez's locker.
  • Ally was dressed as a Swamp Bride.
  • Austin was dressed as a Swamp Monster.
  • The poster also says She Waits For You.