The Butterfly Song
Butterfly Song
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon and Laura Marano as Ally Dawson
Episode: "Bloggers & Butterflies"
"Magazines & Made-Up Stuff"
Genre(s): Acoustic, soft rock
Length: 1:01
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Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) - The Butterfly Song

Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) - The Butterfly Song

The Butterfly Song is an acoustic song that Ally Dawson wrote in kindergarten. It was originally featured in the episode Bloggers & Butterflies. This was the first song she had ever written, and was the song that made her decide she wanted to become a songwriter. Ally wrote this song for the spring pageant, because the theme was insects. Tilly hated this song because she wrote "The Ladybug Song," which didn't win. Austin later performed the song at the Mall of Miami, when arch-enemy Tilly tried to make her sing the song in a failed attempt to use her stage fright against her for revenge. Most of the lyrics to the song were not shown when Little Ally performed the song.

Off screen, the song was written by Heath Seifert and Kevin Kopelow.


I'm a little butterfly
Spread my colorful wings
Even though I'm small and frail
I can do most

Caterpillar in my cocoon
I'm gonna be
A butterfly soon

I'm a little butterfly
I can soar through the sky
So glad I ended up like this
Thanks to metamorphosis

I'm a butterfly

I'm a butterfly


I'm a butterfly



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