The Dezzie and Lily Show
Song by Calum Worthy as Dez Wade and Mimi Kirkland as Lily
Episode: "Duos & Deception"
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Dez and Lily Show00:23

Dez and Lily Show

The Dezzie and Lily Show is a song sung by Dez and Lily in Duos & Deception during Season 4. It is used for comic relief during Bobbie and Billie's fight.


Lily: You take a Lily
Dez: You add a Dezzie
Both: You get a Lily
Lily: And a Dezzie
Both: It's Lily and Dezzie
Dez: And Dezzie
Lily: And Lily
Both: The Lily and Dezzie show!


  • This is supposed to be a parody of "The Billie and Bobbie Show."
  • Both Dez and Lily are taking the places of Billie and Bobbie while they are in an argument.
  • This is just for comedic relief.


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