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The Helen Show
The Helen Show is a talk T.V. show that Austin performed on.



First Appearance

"Rockers & Writers"

Last Appearance


The Helen Show is a fictional talk host television show that Austin performed on twice after his video went viral on the internet. It is a parody of the Ellen Show, which is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres of whom Helen is a parody of.


The Helen Show is a fictional talk host television show, in which a woman named Helen interviews people and
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entertains an audience by dancing. Helen acts very quirky and is a fun-loving person just like Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show. The Helen Show has appeared once so far once in the episode Rockers & Writers. Austin performed on her show twice.



  • The Helen Show is a parody of The Ellen Show.
  • There isn't much known about Helen/The Helen Show as it only appeared in the pilot episode Rockers & Writers

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