The Spanish Song
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Episode: "Seniors & Señors"
Length: 1:02
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The Spanish Song - Seniors & Señors01:02

The Spanish Song - Seniors & Señors

The Spanish Song is a song in Spanish performed by Austin Moon in Seniors & Señors. He preformed it to pass Spanish class.

Spanish Lyrics

Señora Gomez, lo siento
me quedé dormido estudiando
en verdad quiero pasar la prueba
muchas palabras en español he aprendido.
Por ejemplo:
manzana, cebra, biblioteca, saca puntas, y zapatos.
Por favor deme otra oportunidad
tal vez voy a tener dulce de algodón
se ve...

English Translation

Mrs. Gomez, I'm sorry.
I fell asleep studying.
I really want to pass the test.
I've learned many words in Spanish.
For example:
apple, zebra, library, pencil sharpener, and shoes.
Please give me another opportunity.
Maybe I'll have cotton candy.
It looks...


  • This is the first, and only, song which is not sung in English.




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