Austin & Ally

  • Austin and Ally fanfic! Rapping records & ruined dates!

    Note: this is after Austin and Ally are back together!

    Austin, Trish and Dez are at Sonic Boom

    Austin: so guys Ally and I are going on a date tomorrow and I want it to be perfect!

    Trish: hmmm...Ally didn't tell me ur going on a date...(suspicious look)

    Austin: that's cause I didn't ask her yet...but I know she'll say yes! (Smiles)

    Ally walks into Sonic Boom

    Ally: hey guys, what's going on? (Smiles)

    Austin: so Ally, wanna go on a date tomorrow!?

    Ally: yes!

    Austin smiles at Trish in satisfaction

    Ally: so what time do u wanna go? (Smiles happily)

    Dez: well I have a dentist appointment, so at about-

    Austin: Dez! I'm going on a date with Ally, not with u and Ally! (Smiles)

    Dez: fine! But...bring me back something!

    Trish stares at Dez in a way to say "wow, what an idiot!"

    Austin:'s 6:30(pm)!?

    Dez: that's fine! (Smiles with excitement)

    Austin: again...not u Dez!

    Ally: 6:30's good! (Smiles with joy)

    Austin: great! (Smiles)

    Jimmy walks in

    Austin: hey Jimmy, what's up!?

    Jimmy: Austin, I found a record producer that told me that kids like rappers!

    Dez: ya I love rappers!

    Austin: really!?

    Dez: ya, candy rappers, chocolate rappers...

    Trish: not those kinds of rappers, Goof!

    Jimmy: (looks at Dez annoyed) anyway, he wants u to rap! He said it would get u more fans!

    Austin: but-

    Jimmy: so practise rapping!

    Jimmy leaves

    Dez: so Austin, what kind of rapping do u want? Gift rapping?

    Trish smacks the back of Dez's head

    Austin: but I don't wanna rap, I love singing!

    Ally: so what are u gonna do?

    Austin: I-I don't know! What if Jimmy gets mad if I don't rap!?

    Austin and Dez are in the practise room

    Austin is trying to rap

    Dez: Austin, ur not that bad, ur kind of good!

    Austin: ya, but I don't like rapping, I like singing!

    Dez: well, then...what are u gonna do!?

    Austin: I...have no idea! If I don't rap Jimmy might drop me from star records! (Sad)

    The next day, Austin and Ally are about to go on their date

    Trish: wait...who is gonna write a new song if u guys are going out!?

    Austin and Ally: u do it!

    Trish: what!?

    Austin and Ally leave

    Dez: I'll help u, Trish!

    Trish: oh no!

    Trish and Dez enter the practise room

    Trish: so...oh Ally's songbook!

    Dez: (grabs the book) don't touch her book!

    Trish and Dez sit at the piano

    Dez scootes closer to Trish

    Trish: uh! (Pushes Dez off)

    Dez: owe! (Stands) so what do we do first!?

    Trish: um...I have no idea! What do they usually do!?

    Dez: (sits down and plays random notes on the piano) lalalalala...

    Trish: uh! (Pushes Dez off)

    Austin and Ally are at a restaurant, on their date

    Austin: are u having fun, Ally!?

    Ally: well, I'm with u so, of course!

    Austin smiles

    Ally: thanks, Austin this is perfect!

    Ally kisses Austin's cheek, Austin and Ally smile

    Ally: so Austin will u record a rap?

    Austin: I don't know if I should, I love to sing rapping isn't my thing!

    Ally: u should tell Jimmy!

    Austin: but he might drop me from Star records!

    Jimmy walks over to them

    Jimmy: Austin! Come on! U need to record a rap!

    Austin: but Jimmy I'm on a date!

    Jimmy: no time! We need to go!

    Austin and Ally follow Jimmy

    Jimmy, Austin and Ally are in the recording studio

    Jimmy hands Austin a lyric sheet

    Jimmy: this is the rap I wrote for u

    Austin: um, Jimmy-

    Jimmy: now get inside the sound booth, I'll turn on the music...

    Austin enters the sound booth, Jimmy turns on the music

    Austin: ...uh...

    Jimmy: come on, Austin, read the lyrics

    Austin: ...No! Jimmy, I'm a singer! Not a rapper! If u want a rapper well then find another guy, I don't care if u drop me, I don't rap! I'm sorry!

    Ally smiles at Austin, he shoots a smile and thumbs up at her

    Jimmy: Austin...I won't drop u off Star Records!

    Austin: really!?

    Jimmy: u are a singer, not a rapper and if u don't want to rap, then I respect ur decision

    Austin: thanks Jimmy! (Austin exits the sound booth, runs to Ally and hugs her)

    Ally: that's great, see Austin u should always stand up for ur self (high fives Austin)

    Austin: thanks Ally, and thanks Jimmy! (Walks over to Jimmy and gives him a high five)

    The next day, Dez and Trish are at Sonic Boom

    Austin and Ally enter

    Austin: good news guys, I don't have to be a rapper!

    Ally: so, Trish did u write the new song!?

    Trish: yup (hands Ally a sheet of lyrics)

    Ally reads it out loud

    Ally: I'm gonna get a billion hits, but it's not a love song, so call a pioneer ranger, and do a double take, so I can steal ur heart

    Ally: this is just lyrics from the other songs we wrote!

    Trish: hey, u asked me to write a song!

    Dez: I helped!

    Austin: oh, that explains it!

    Jimmy walks in

    Austin: hey Jimmy! What's up!?

    Jimmy: Ally Dawson, i want u to be a rapper!

    Austin: oh no!

    Ally: ok, I'll give it a try!

    Ally: yo, yo! I'm Ally D, u can't rap better than me! Word!

    Jimmy: u know what...never mind! (Runs away)

    Trish, Austin and Dez stare at Ally in a way of saying "never say that again!

    The end!

    What do u think!?

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