Sorry for what? For caring more about yourselves than you do about me?

"Tickets & Trashbags" is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on January 22, 2012 to 2.99 million viewers.[1]


Trish books Austin a gig singing at the Miami Internet Music Awards, but when he is only offered one ticket for a guest, Ally, Trish and Dez vie for his attention in order to claim it. After Austin accidentally says yes to each person, they all get upset with him, leaving Austin wondering if he should just go alone.


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Memorable Quotes

Nelson : How was that?

Ally: Well, you got all the notes. Just not in the right order or in the right key.

Nelson: Thanks.
Dez: I've never been good at math, but one ticket times three friends is... carry the 4 -

Trish: It means only one of us gets to go.

Dez: Huh, I got 47.
Dez: Yeah. I've been there for you through everything. Remember that time at camp when you ripped your pants and I gave you mine?

Austin: Yeah, you went pant less for the rest of summer.
Dez: And most of the fall. Oh, and remember that time when we were stuck in an elevator? I gave you my pants then, too.
Austin: Yeah, there was really no reason to do that.

Dez: That's what best friends are for.
Dez: My first award show. Awesome sauce ! [rips off pants] Here you go, buddy.
Ally: Austin, I'm glad you're here. I just want to let you know, I get what you're going through.

Austin: Really? You're growing hair on your toes, too

Ally: Ew. No.
Ally: Greaty, great, great. But here's the thing
Austin: Aw. But you said "greaty great great"
Trish: What do you think?

Dez: Did your dress got a job at megaphone store!? Because it is loud

Trish: Someday you’ll gonna take off that helmet, and I’ll be waiting
Dez: I was this close to rubbing knees with Shiny Money.

Ally: It's elbows. Rubbing elbows.

Dez: I cant do that. I have sensitive elbows.
Shiny Money: Hey! You two were supposed to catch me!

Trish: You're not still mad are you?

Shiny Money: Still?! It just happened an hour ago!
Austin: You know what, forget it! I thought you all wanted to be there tonight for me, but I was wrong. You're all acting like selfish little kids!

Ally, Trish, and Dez: Nuh-uh!

Austin: And I'm not spending my night with a little kid!
Ally: Did we really just -

Trish: Yep
Ally: And Austin’s going to -
Trish: Ah ah
Ally: So we’re pretty much -

Trish: - the worst friends ever !?
Dez: Oh. I want to play the finish the sentence game. Say something Trish.

Trish: Dez, you are such an -

Dez: Elephant! Tractor! Pineapple!
Trish: So we're all on the same page?
Dez: Yes. I'll get the penguin, you get the ice, and well all meet at Ally's bathtub.
Austin: I promised all of you you could come with me.

Trish: Why would you do that?
Austin: Because, you gave me frosted french fries. And Dez gave me his pants. And Ally talked for a really long time.

Ally: I don't talk for a really long time. I think I talk for a normal amount of time. I mean, then again, what is the definition of normal. Your normal could be different from Dez's normal, which could be different from my normal, which could be different from Trish's normal- and uh, you were saying?
Austin: Chocolate covered hot dogs remind me of Dez.

Stage Manager: Austin Moon, you're on in five.
Austin: Yelling reminds me of Trish.
Nelson: Whoa! Cotton candy!
Austin: That reminds me of Ally.
Nelson: Cotton candy?

Austin: No this picture of Ally. Why did I bring this?
Trish: If I was thinking about myself, do you think I would wear such a ridiculous outfit?

Dez: Yeah. That purple dress you had on earlier was awful.

Trish: I'm talking about the trash bag.
Dez: Buddy, if I was wearing real pants, I would totally give them to you right now.
Austin: Yeah, I think we should go back to fist bumping.
Dez: This is way better than any of those real after parties.

Austin: Can you imagine me and Nelson hanging out at that after party?

Dez : Where is Nelson anyway?

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  • Dez's use of a football helmet to play drums isn't such a new idea. Munetaka Higuchi (1958-2009) of the Japanese heavy metal band Loudness wore a bicycle helmet during a concert.
  • Trish was hired and fired from two jobs, Megaphone World and The Dress Hut.
  • The Dress Hut is a parody of Dress Barn.
  • The episode title refers to Austin receiving only one ticket for the music awards, and the rest of Team Austin sneaking in while dressed in trashbags.
  • A section of this episode was featured in the A Billion Hits music video.


  • Austin, "I couldn't even decide which shoes to wear this morning!" and you see him wearing one green shoe and one pink shoe. Later on, his shoes were the same color.
  • When Nelson fell you could hear a bunch of things breaking. But when Austin left nothing is broken.
  • When the garbage can fell when Ally is in it, if you look closely you can see her feet poking out the bottom of the trash can.
  • Austin should have been able to buy them tickets because he could pay for the practice room to be remodeled and the piano in Partners & Parachutes.


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