Tim's Square Pizza
Tim's square pizza








Miami, Florida

Number of locations

1 (known)

Known Workers


Tim's Square Pizza is a pizza place located in the Miami, known for it's square pizza. It is also known as the "best square pizza in Miami". Its only appearance has been in Big Dreams & Big Apples. The location and Tim was never seen again.


Big Dreams & Big Apples

In Big Dreams & Big Apples, Trish accidentally booked Austin to perform at Tim's Square Pizza. Cheeri (parody of Siri from Apple Inc.), Trish's cell phone voice control, accidentally called Tim's Square Pizza instead of Times Square Promoter. Tim believed that Austin's singing arrangement was actually meant for his pizza store, stating that Trish had called and booked Austin.

Road Trips & Reunions

In Road Trips & Reunions, Ally has a hallucination that features Austin in a Tim's Square Pizza uniform holding a pizza box.


  • Tim (owner)
  • Austin (delivery guy in Ally's hallucination)


  • It is known that they possibly have entertainment.
  • They sell square pizza.
  • Dez seems to love their pizza seeing as he exclaims to Trish upon knowing that she's talking to them to order him a pizza from them.
  • They are located in Miami, Florida.
  • Austin almost performed here instead of Times Square.
  • Tim's Square Pizza seems to only do take out orders; there weren't any tables or other places to sit at that you can see in the small snippet of airtime that the pizza place got in the crossover.


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