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Trish, you look so beautiful!
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Trish De La Rosa


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Cameron Deane Stewart
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Trace (Tr/ish and J/ace) is the romantic/friendly pairing between Trish De la Rosa and Jace. They first meet in Cupids & Cuties. It was revealed in that episode that they met on Austin's tour. They have a really good relationship and like each other a lot.

As of Seniors & Señors, they are on a "break", and Trish is pursuing other romantic interests.

Other Names

  • Jish (J/ace and Tr/ish)
  • Jrish (J/ace and T/rish)
  • Trice (Tri/sh and Ja/ce)
  • Jash (Ja/ce and Tri/sh)
  • Trise (Trish/Jace)
  • Jatrish (Ja/ce and Trish
  • Trija (Tri/sh and Ja/ce)
  • Trijace (Tri/sh and Jace)
  • Jacesh (Jace and Tri/sh)


Jace and Trish first met on Austin's tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After gym class at school, Jace video called Trish. Since Trish's makeup was messed up, Dez delayed the video call for her, only to tell him that her makeup is messed up. Trish ripped the device from Dez and threw it in her locker. She explained that she really, really liked Jace, but he didn't want him to know. However, the video chat is still on, and Jace hears her confession.

Later, when Jace came to Miami for a week to visit Trish, they have a date. Austin and Ally give Trish advice, basically telling her to not be herself. When Trish arrives at Shredder's Beach Club for the date, she acts polite and giggly, the opposite of her personality. The date ends in a disaster.

Desperate for help, Trish finally turns to Doctor Cupid, but she doesn't know Doctor Cupid is really Dez. Dr. Cupid advises her to just be herself, and when she tests his advice when she hung out with Jace, it worked.

By the end of the episode, they are starting to be more comfortable around each other, but they have their special quirks. One example is when they shared a smoothie at the end of the episode. Trish took the drink away from him for awhile, laughed, then shared the smoothie with him again. 

In Fanatics & Favors It was a little hard for them to hang out with each, because they could only video chat. at the end of the episode Jace got Trish a massage chair with a T.V and a cooler for drinks, to make up for shoulder rubs,movies,and milkshakes.

In Proms & Promises, Trish was upset when she said that she couldn't go to prom with Jace, because he had broken his leg when doing a skateboard trick. She then goes with Chuck. In the end of the episode, Jace turns up to prom to be Trish's date. They are then seen dancing together at the end of Last Dances & Last Chances.

In Seniors & Señors, Trish revealed that she and Jace are currently on a break.


Season 3

Cupids & Cuties

  • It's revealed that they had met on tour.
  • Jace comes to Miami to visit Trish.
  • Jace video chats Trish while she is at school.
  • They go on their first date.
  • Trish wanted to make sure she was perfect for their date.
  • Trish says she really likes Jace and really wants him to like her back.
  • Jace says he really likes Trish the way she already is.
  • Jace knows Trish's favorite toppings.
  • Jace likes it when Trish is mean to him.
  • Trish and Jace share a smoothie, but Trish took it away for a second, before sharing with him again.

Fanatics & Favors

  • Trish and Jace video-chat.
  • Trish calls Jace.
  • Jace buys Trish a massage chair with a TV and cooler.
  • Jace, over video-chat, explains that he wasn't blowing Trish off, but instead was working long hours to get enough money to buy the chair for her.
  • Trish apologized for doubting Jace, and he said it was okay, and smiled at her sweetly.

Proms & Promises

  • When Trish said she can't go to prom with Jace, cause he broke his leg, she said it in a sad way.
  • Trish was worried that Jace would be mad at her for going with Chuck.
  • Trish wanted to win a dance contest to win money to fly to Albuquerque to surprise Jace.
  • Ally thought it was sweet that Trish wanted to do this.
  • Jace showed up at prom to surprise Trish.
  • Trish was surprised and happy when Jace showed up
  • Jace said Trish looked beautiful 
  • They shared a tight hug
  • Jace said, "There's no way I'm leaving my girl alone on prom night" to her.

Last Dances & Last Chances

  • Jace said to Trish he's so glad to being with her in the prom.
  • They were dancing together at the end of the episode.

Relationships & Red Carpets

  • It was revealed that they're still in a long distance relationship
  • Trish mentioned Jace
  • Trish said she really missed Jace and wanted to and did call him

Season 4

Seniors & Señors

  • Trish mentioned Jace.
  • Trish seemed upset when she said she and Jace were on a break.


Cupids & Cuties

Trish: Okay, I like Jace. I really, really like him. I just don't want him to know yet.
Jace: (From video chat in Trish's locker) I heard that!

Proms & Promises

(Trish notices Jace walk into prom, and runs up to him)
Trish: (excitedly) Jace, what are you doing here?
Jace: Trish, you look so beautiful!
(they hug)
Jace: (smiles) I just wanted to surprise you. There was no way I was gonna leave my girl alone on prom night.



  • They both really like each other.
  • They both have dark hair.


  • Jace is a boy and Trish is a girl.
  • Trish is from Miami and Jace is from Albuquerque.
  • Jace is tall and Trish is short.




Episode: The Trace episode is Cupids & Cuties, because it was revealed that they met on Austin's tour and Trish said she really likes Jace. Jace also came to Miami to visit Trish. They went on their first date and became a couple at the end of the episode. Another episode could be Proms & Promises, because they wanted to go to prom together, but Jace broke his leg and then turned up to be Trish's date.


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