The Wanda Watson Show (35)
Characters Shipped

Austin Moon and Trent




Auslly, Traustin

Portrayed by

Ross Lynch and Trevor Jackson

Trentin (Tren/t and Aus/tin) is the rivalry pairing between Trent and Austin. Trent and Austin's relationship started out okay until Trent showed his true colors and cheated on Trish in Backups & Breakups. He also stole Austin's song in Crybabies & Cologne.

In Crybabies & Cologne, Trent stole Ally's song, like Austin stole her song in Rockers & Writers.

Other Names

  • Ausent (Aus/tin and Tr/ent)
  • Trestin (Tre/nt and Au/stin)
  • Trenustin (Tren/t and A/ustin)


Trent first meets Austin in Backups & Breakups when he auditions to be Austin's new backup dancer, after Austin looses one due to an accident. Trish at the time as dating Trent so she talked Austin into picking him. But, soon Ally realizes Trent is cheating on Trish and was only dating Trish so he could become Austin's backup dancer. Team Austin then turns against him and at the end of the episode, Trent challenges Austin to a dance-off. Austin beats him.

Trent re-appears in Crybabies & Cologne when he shows up to ask Austin and Ally for song. Austin is completely against trusting him again. Trent steals Austin's song, Got It 2, and passes it off as his own song, only adding a few changes. Austin and his friends come up a why to get back at him and embarrass him on The Wanda Watson Show which fails but Trent instead ends up being attacked by bees, live on TV.


Backups & Breakups

  • Austin hires Trent as his new backup dancer.
  • Austin said Trent was awesome.
  • Austin and Trent have a dance-off at Marino High School.

Crybabies & Cologne


Austin: Hey Trent! (spins and gestures with his hands) Stay smooth.



  • Both Trent and Austin do not like each other.
  • Trent and Austin both stole songs from Ally (Austin with Double Take, Trent with Got It 2).
  • They have similar best friends (Austin with Dez, Trent with Dex) although Dex is more of a sidekick to Trent than a friend.

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