Season 2

Costumes & Courage

Costumes & Courage2

Trish was hired at the Halloweenatorium, where she sold costumes for Halloween. She does not give people the correct costumes and does not do what her boss assigns her to do. Her uniform for the Halloweenatorium is a Halloween outfit. She goes to Jimmy Starr's party as a cave woman. She tricks Dez into thinking the room is haunted, but results in knocking out Taylor Swift.

Backups & Breakups

640px-Backups & Breakups 27

In this episode, Trish dates Trent but later in the episode, it is revealed that Trent only dated Trish to get the gig as Austin's background dancer and that he is cheating on her with Becky. They later break up in the episode.

Magazines & Made-Up Stuff

Trish was hired to be a lifeguard, despite that she can't swim. She also gets Austin an interview to be on the cover of Cheetah Beat but it her plan backfires when Megan Simms comes to take pictures of the fun yet dangerous stuff Trish filled out for Austin.
640px-Magazines & Made-Up Stuff7

Parents & Punishments

She helps hide Austin from his parents. She does this by telling Mike Moon and Mimi Moon that Lester Dawson thinks they sell lousy mattresses, and telling Lester that Mike and Mimi think he sells lousy instruments.

Crybabies & Cologne

Trish in "Crybabies & Cologne"

When Trent apologizes and asks for forgiveness, she rejects his offer. She helps get revenge on Trent along with Austin, Ally and Dez.

Big Dreams & Big Apples

Trish tells Austin that she had booked him a place to perform on New Years at Times Square, when she accidentally booked him a place at Tim's Square Pizza. She tries to get Ally to tell Austin the news, but Ally convinces her to actually tell Austin the news instead of relying on someone else. She, along with the help of Dez, manages to actually book Austin a performance on New Years, and to travel there, they go on a plane that business is run by her aunt, and she works as an air hostess. She soon quits the hostess job. She spots where Dez keeps his money and says the location out loud in the taxi. Jessie Prescott makes a good first impression on her when Jessie flies them up to the specific performing location.

Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Trish in ''Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath

Guess who got a job at Puffy's Pillows?

Trish first appears when she tells Ally about how she loves her new job at Puppy's Pillows, saying that it's a dream come true- literally, seeing as she gets paid to sleep all day. Her actual happiness at a job is short-lived as Dez and Austin plead with Trish to quit her dream job to work at Phil's Fun Town so that Austin can film his first big budget music video. After much pleading, Trish grudgingly gives in and sadly agrees. She then later appears telling people that the Ferris Wheel ride is closed for the music video shooting, and a little girl (Sydney or Lollipop Girl) sadly complains to Trish about how she's been waiting for a long time. Trish doesn't care, and Sydney tries to get the last laugh by pulling out the pout face, but Trish ends up causing the not-last-yet sadness by once more showing that she's unaffected by it.

After Dez asks her to stop the Ferris Wheel for the video, she accidentally rips the lever out, thus stranding Austin and Kira in a Ferris Wheel cart for an hour. After that, she then gets the hamster balls ready, and while doing so, Ally and Kira get stuck together in one of the balls, and once they get out, Ally declares that she's changed her mind; Kira should be fired. She's among the first, or at least not the last, to realize that Kira can't be fired because of her father. Later, she has to close the Tubs of Fun ride down for the video, and Sydney reappears, getting angry at Trish for "ruining her childhood memories."

At the end, Trish is telling the rest of Team Austin that she hopes they had a good time, seeing
Girlfriends & Girl Friends7
as she got fired. She then adds on that someone complained about her, and Sydney is back again, saying, "I wonder who?" before walking off leaving Trish flabbergasted.

Girlfriends & Girl Friends

Trish, in this episode, works at the Flower Shop. She walks in to see No Ordinary Day end up being the #1 Song of the Day. When Kira offers Team Austin wrestling tickets, she- along with Ally- are unenthusiastic about it. Later on, Trish delivers a lot of flowers to Sonic Boom and partially ends up ruining Austin's initial chance with Kira. After Ally tells Trish about her new crush on Austin, Trish tells a stranger about the crush before promising to safely keep the secret a secret. After somewhat criticizing Ally for not telling Austin about her crush on him, she is sympathetic towards Ally. At the end, she and Ally finish up as much of the leftover picnic food that they can, and they wonder where Dez is.

Campers & Complications

In this episode, Trish has many appearances. She and Dez share a sub-plot in which Dez feels lonely, and so she keeps him company. Trish gets slightly mad at Elliot for taking Ally away from her, but later on calls him hot. She implies that Austin may be jealous of Elliot. Trish gets blown off from Ally when they were supposed to have a Girl's Night. When Dez is still lonely, he offers to go with Trish to the spa. She initially declines his offer, but as soon as Dez offers to pay, she's more than happy to take Dez with her.

Later on, Trish sees a once-more lonely Dez, and offers to keep him company by asking him to help her clean the
restaurant. Or, in her case, have Dez clean the place while she reads her magazines. Later on, Ally admits to Trish that she fears that Elliot will ask her out; Trish's advice is to tell Elliot that she's not interested. Trish is the employee that asks all the questions for "Trivia Night."

Trish and Ally later on realize together that Austin may like Ally back seeing as he got jealous over her. Trish then tells Ally to wait for Austin to come to her; she then makes a bird motion before admitting that she's spent too much time with Dez. At the end, Dez asks Trish to play with him, and she agrees to play with him.

Chapters & Choices

In this episode, she is first seen chatting with Dez as they discuss how Austin & Ally should just start dating. She soon barges in with Dez during Austin and Ally's practice session, and joins in the metaphorical conversation. Ally
eventually asks to talk to her, where Trish then admits that she was really talking about Austin and her and not the song! She then says that Ally should not wait for Austin to come to her, and admits that her "no waiting on anyone else" unofficial rule was what hindered her from being a good waitress. Later on, it is revealed that she and Penny are quite close, and she reveals that she is currently working at the Kennel, scooping poop. When Penny gives her The Wild Things as a gift, she reveals that she does not think of the book as a true gift.

Later on, she reads the book and is so inspired by the book that she quits her current job earlier than she had expected. Trish and Dez must be hanging out a lot more since Ally reveals that her greatest fear is that Trish and Dez will become married and move in with Ally. When Ally runs off, Trish and Dez temporarily take over the book release party by "bringing the book to life"- or, Trish reading the book and Dez acting out what she reads. Her last appearance in the episode is when she, along with Dez, are shocked by Austin and Ally kissing.

Partners & Parachutes

After Ally walks off, Trish scolds Austin before going after Ally. The next day, Trish joins in the fairy tale joke that Ally and her mom kind of started, but it was at the wrong time. Trish agrees with Penny that Ally should think of last night as the night that she conquered her greatest fear, and then offers to manage Ally. Later on, she and
Ally meet up for a Team Ally meeting- just the 2 of them- before Trish reveals that she scored Ally an interview for Cheetah Beat. Later on, she is holding up the issue of Cheetah Beat that has the main story of Kira and Austin, and ruins any chance Austin had of winning Ally over. She also creates some publicity photos for Ally as well as various "Ally" merchandise that's just Ally's bathroom items with Ally's name on it. She sits with Ally when Austin serenades Ally with I Think About You. At the end, she is holding up the new issue of Cheetah Beat that features the new, official couple of Auslly.

Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction

Trish is working at the antique shop that is home to the magical typewriter- well, that is, it was home to the typewriter until Trish successfully convinced Dez to buy it for $50. The main antagonist of the episode, Chuck, has a crush on her. She is the last one of the gang to be convinced that the typewriter is truly magical. She gets a money tree as
well as the antique shop and her own employee- her former boss, Mr. Gower- as a favor from Dez. Later on, after Chuck gains possession of the typewriter, Trish is affected in multiple ways. First of all, her hair turns purple. Her money tree also died. She also lost ownership of the antique shop, which meant that Mr. Gower was once more her boss. After walking into Sonic Boom, she swaps bodies with Ally. Later on, Chuck made her fall in love with him.

Couples and Careers

She and Dez, in this episode, are the main focus of the episode's sub-plot. She is first seen when she is informing
Butch & Bitey vs Zaliens 8 My Brain
Austin and Ally on how she managed to score them a deal that could possibly have their music in Butch & Bitey. When Dez enters, holding the Zaliens 8 My Brains movie trailer poster, she is excited with Austin and Dez. She then exclaims that she and Dez have decided to team up to try to win the Zaliens contest that, if won, will earn them an exclusive premiere of Zaliens 8. She compliments Dez for the first time in this scene, as is noted by Ally. For the majority of this episode, she is working on the video with Dez. She and Dez try to stop the Butch and Bitey dolls from exploding with goo, but are too late. At the very end, it is revealed that she and Dez won the contest.

Spas & Spices

Spas & Spices (376)

Trish offers to take Ally to the Tranquility Spa, where she currently works, as she thinks that a day of relaxation will help Ally prepare for her interview with Miami Music the following day. Ally soon finds the day to be anything but relaxing, and Trish feels remorse at having let Ally down. She feels downright dreadful, however, after she ends up becoming eyebrow-less. She and Ally go to the Chili Cook-Off.

Solos & Stray Kitties

Trish accidentally books Ally into the Stray Kitties, thinking it was an audition for a record deal and solo career. She
helps Ally get out of Val's 5-year contract with the Stray Kitties, along with some help from Dez.

Boy Songs & Badges

Trish books Austin an interview with Jett Deely on "Video Countdown Live" as a part of "New Music Tuesday". She is also the troop leader of the Pioneer Rangers troop that JJ and Nelson are a part of, due to her mother forcing her to become the troop leader. She helps the rangers earn their badges by having them do her chores and whatnot; she even lets Dez become an honorary Pioneer Ranger so that he can earn the merit badges that he never earned.

Tracks & Troubles

In this episode, Trish sends Ally's song, I'm Finally Me, to Jimmy and gets a reply back saying that he'd love to talk to Ally. Due to this, Trish fills in the application for Manager of the Year and asks Ally to send it in. Trish accompanies Ally to the meeting, where they both learn that Kira is the newest recording artist, and that she wants to buy Ally's song. Jimmy offers a lot of money for the song-this Trish learns by finally looking at the paper- and while Trish tries to get Ally to make the deal to get the money, she declines. Later, she, along with Austin and
Dez, take down the party that they had prepared. She and Austin cheer Ally up. She, Austin and Ally play with the recording studio the next day. While the other three of Team Austin go to the yoga studio to get Kira to sing her song, Elevator Doors, again, she is assigned the job of making sure that Jimmy doesn't enter the studio again. She doesn't do her job, though; she was at the basketball court. When Austin gets released from Starr Records, she tries to convince him to take Austin back. Her plan doesn't work, but Austin does end up getting signed back with Jimmy Starr.

Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing


In this episode, Trish doubts Ally’s dancing skills and warns her that making a dance video will ruin Ally’s chances in the Final Five. In the end, despite her doubts, Trish decides to support Ally, and participates in “The Ally Way” dance video.

Tunes & Trials


In this episode, she and Dez are shown to be massive fans of the TV show Crime & Judgment; they watch all 182 episodes in 4 days. When Austin gets sued by Val, Trish uses her skills learned from the show to try to defend Austin. Meanwhile, she and Dez also try to figure out who Austin wrote his song, Steal Your Heart, about.

Future Sounds & Festival Songs


In this episode, she appears in Austin's dream and is part of the plot to bring the present to the future. Her job in Austin's dream is as a worker at the Future Mart. Also, she is taught how to play bass and performs the song, Timeless, with Austin, Ally, and Dez in the dream.

Sports & Sprains

In this episode, she tries to show as much spirit towards her school, Marino High School, since she heard that the person with the most spirit during Spirit Week gets one thousand dollars. She signs up to be an assistant to the
basketball team and also organizes an Austin Moon concert at the school. She ends up winning and getting the money. The catch is that it is in Manatee Dollars, which can be used on Marino High merchandise, as opposed to regular money. She also keeps saying "Go Mustangs!" when the school's mascot is the Manatees. She gets a job as the dog walker at the beginning of the episode, and the dogs are not on their leashes when she walks in Sonic Boom.
Sports & Sprains (50)

Beach Bums & Bling

Beach Bums & Bling (116)

In this episode, she has her own kiosk. She is looking for someone to work there and she finds Bonnie. Bonnie is a lot like Trish personality wise, so not much work is done. She ends up firing Bonnie, but says they can be friends.

Family & Feuds

Family & Feuds-2-

As shown in this episode, Trish gets a job at FM109 and talks about the contest. Later on, she goes to Didi's birthday party with the rest of Team Austin. When Dez faints, she shouts "Dez!". She helps in on Dez's plan for 20 bucks. When the prank happens, she is giggling. Trish soon helps in Austin's plan.

Moon Week & Mentors

Moon Week & Mentors (39)

Trish and Dez are making signs to get on TV on America's Top Talent. The first 2 times their plans don't work. The first being creating a big sign, and the other plan to use balloons to support Austin & Ally. By the end, Trish and Dez overtake Val and Paul Jean's seats in order to be seen on TV.

Real Life & Reel Life

Reellifeandreallife Trishkangaroo

Trish is featured in the rockumentary several times and helps Dez with directing. She is upset when Austin and Ally fight. So she asks Dez and they plan them to sing You Can Come to Me. After they kiss, Trish asks them what it was about.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

In this episode, Trish manages to help Austin get his first national tour, and one that seats 10,000 people at that.
She then is also able to get an interview for Ally with Ronnie Ramone with Ramone Records, though she messes up the location of the meeting and is fired as Ally's manager. So, Austin lets Trish takes credit for having Ally perform as the opening act in Austin's tour, and Ally decides to rehire Trish as her manager again. Eventually though, she finds out the truth and ends up firing Trish again. Though, Ally rehires Trish again after she was able to get Ronnie Ramone to come to the concert. The two then become excited when Ally is offered the record deal. But, Trish advises to her friend to accept the offer opposed to going on tour with Austin. She'll obviously miss her, but knows that she should be a manager for Ally, starts doing so.