Season 3

Road Trips & Reunions

Road Trips & Reunions P10 9
Still on tour with Dez and Austin, Trish helps encourage Ally into joining them on tour. When she and Dez meet Ally though, Austin is missing because of him getting back on the wrong bus at night. But eventually, the
Road trips and reunions
foursome are back together. Ally ends up staying on tour which satisfies Trish as well as Dez and Austin.

What Ifs & Where's Austin

What If's & Where's Austin -5-

When imagining what their lives would be like without Austin around, Trish ends up being signed to Starr Records for her talent of singing, but becomes the diva popstar, which makes her lose her fame, her record deal, and her best friend, Ally. But, during all this, Dez is her personal assistant and is the only one she has left. She admits that he's more than just a friend, and the two kiss. After that, Ally, Trish, and Dez stop the imagination sequence in conclusion that their lives would've been terrible for if Austin was not around.

Presidents & Problems

Presidents & Problems -37-

After being awakened by another one of Dez's attempts to be helpful, Trish shows that she bought hats at every stop to remember the tour and bought tea cups for Ally. After Austin's ceremony, Ally notices that Trish kept checking her phone to which Trish responds that she's working on something big for Austin's career. When visiting the Smithsonian Museum, Austin ends up with the silver shoes from the Wizard of Oz stuck on his feet. Austin says that they should just confess, but Trish doesn't agree because Austin doesn't need that kind of bad publicity. When they go back to the museum to confess and see all the cameras, Trish defends Austin by saying how he is a Teen Role Model but she almost gives him up when she realizes there is a reward for who ever catches the thief. Back in the stockroom, after Ally gives her idea of mailing the shoes back anonymously, Trish's reveals that Austin is going to be playing for the President of the United States. When Austin brings her attention back to the shoes, Trish says that he can't cancel on the President but then Ally gives an idea of hiding them. During the concert when Austin admits what happened and the President gives him pardon. Trish tries to gain pardon too, because she scratched his limousine.

Beach Clubs & BFFs

Upon returning from tour, Trish becomes jealous of Ally and Kira's developing friendship, in which they have a lot in common. To make matters worse, Kira starts to take over as Ally's manager, booking her a performance at Shredder's Beach Club. Though, after Ally and Trish go through a conflict involving a roasted pig spinning out of control, they eventually do make up. Ally gets to sing Redial at Shredder's, which was written for Trish.

Mix Ups & Mistletoes

Mix Ups & Mistletoes -5-

In an attempt to gain a promotion as Party Planner for her job at Shredder's, Trish plans a Christmas party for the kids at the orphanage. In order to get much of the work done, Trish manipulates Chuck and Dez to do nearly everything for her when they duke out in their rivalry. Meanwhile, her and the rest of the gang anticipate the coming of Christmas, especially because of the news of the Austin Moon Doll that every kid happens to want. Though, the dolls turn out to have major flaws to which the four try to fix, but are unable to stop. But, by the end, thanks to a Christmas miracle of delivered fixed dolls, everyone's Christmas turn out well, as Trish does get the promotion. The only problem to that is there is no raise, only more working hours.

Glee Clubs & Glory

Austin and Ally Glee Clubs and Glory 12

Trish, a member of Marino High's Glee Club faces a conflict with the rest of the group concerning the type of "style" to perform as in order to win the regionals competition. Both Austin and Ally have their own ways of wanting to settle things, but instead of compromise, a rivalry breaks out, having Trish and a few others join Austin's side while the rest plus Dez side with Ally. But, during an argument between the two, they both get kicked out of the club, leaving Trish with the rest of the group to compete. Eventually, after they make up, Trish gets Coach Simmons to let Austin and Ally back on the team, and the group wins the competition after performing the Austin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up.

Austin & Alias


While Austin and Ally face the main conflict of having another songwriter, Dez bargains with Trish that he will give her the gift card she wanted to an animal print store after a week. But the catch is that Trish is not supposed to insult Dez in any way, for if she does, Dez will go back to the store to buy something. The less Trish insults Dez, the more money there will be left on the card when she eventually gets it. Throughout the week, she struggles to keep up with the little bargain, and by the end, she ultimately loses it after Dez accidentally spills a drink on her. This causes her to lash out at him, to Dez's satisfaction. There's barely any money left on the card when it's all over, also resulting in Dez having a bizarre outfit, completely covered in animal print, thanks to Trish's insults.

Princesses & Prizes

Princesses & Prizes (3)

Helping out with recovering lost time and money from Ally's bake sale disaster, Trish hosts as the auctioneer at the Austin Moon auction. When auctioning off for a date with Austin, Trish and the rest of the gang that the winner is a beautiful girl that everyone seems to admire, Chelsea. While Dez and Ally and Austin and Chelsea are salsa dancing at the beach club later on, Trish simply goes on with her job. A while later, she is shown to have to be helping out with Chelsea's little sister's birthday party at Shredder's by having to dress up as a joker.

Cupids & Cuties

Cupids & Cuties Promo 2

After experiencing a disastrous date with Jace - a guy she and the rest of Team Austin met back during their tour - Trish seeks help from Dr. Cupid. His advice works, but when Trish discovers that Dr. Cupid is really Dez, whom she at first refused love advice from, she is shocked. But, she does end up getting Dez a radio interview as Dr. Cupid in order for people to get know him better. Even when the interview doesn't go as planned, she shows sympathy for him, partially due to her newfound relationship with Jace. When Dez is finally back on his game, Trish once again asks Dez for his help, to which he gladly accepts for her.

Critics & Confidence

Critics & Confidence (4)

When Austin essentially loses his confidence after a couple of bad reviews from Kenneth Kreen, Trish is one who attempts to assist him in gaining that back. She tries to lead him through a meditation session that she believes will regain some of that confidence, but accidentally says things over a bluetooth that may have made him instead believe that he is not as great he seems to really be. However, she is able to get Kenneth Kreen to stay at the beach club for just enough time for Ally to talk to Austin into performing for him once again. Though while Trish and the others loved Austin's performance as usual and are glad that he's back to his old self, Kreen still does not seem to admire him. But nevertheless, Trish still supports Austin in his career and knows that he is the real deal.

Directors & Divas

Directors & Divas (4)

Coming into Sonic Boom with Austin, Trish reveals to Ally and Dez that she had been able to get the two plus Austin jobs on the set of the new Spike Stevens movie: The Pilot and the Mermaid. Though when Dez really finds out that he was hired for being Austin's friend and not his talent, Trish, Austin, and Ally help get him his big break on being the director. This includes making Spike watch some of his films and having Trish become Brandy's new manager. However, Trish at one point loses her temper with Brandy after more of her whining, but she does eventually apologize to her. After Spike shows up after a day of filming, Trish as well as the others say that they are proud of Dez on being a great director for the movie.

Hunks & Homecoming

Hunks & Homecoming Promo (13)

When Ally gets to work with country star, Gavin Young, Trish is determined to make Gavin a new client of hers. While Gavin already has a manager, Trish is still wanting to be Gavin's new manager. Due to Austin's jealousy, he convinces Trish to attempt to sabotage their songwriting sessions, but to no avail. Unfortunately for Trish, Gavin still sticks to his original manager.

Fashion Shows & First Impressions

Trish is first seen at the beach club with Ally, Austin, Gavin, Dez and Carrie, and when Ally walks off with Gavin, she everyone and waks Dez up after his dreamasks Austin if he's okay ever since they started dating, showing he cares a lot about Austin. Later, she's seen at the fashion show with everyone.

Fanatics & Favors

Trish is first seen at shredders with everyone and is video chatting with Jace. In the next scene, she's seen at Dez's cousin's house, who happens to be NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. Trish reveals that she has a crush on Dwayne. Trish then becomes suspicious of Jace when he doesn't answer any of her calls. Later, at Shredder's, Trish is seen enjoying Austin's and Dwayne's performance. At the end of the episode, Trish walks into sonic boom, and video chat's with Jace again,and apologies for doubting him after finding out that he wasn't blowing her off, but was working extra hours to buy a chair with a TV, and cooler for her, making Trish very happy.

Eggs & Extraterrestrials

Trish is first seen walking into sonic boom, and goes to a zalien conversion with Dez, Austin and Ally. At the convenstion, she and Dez meet real zaliens called Zip and Ziltch. Trish hangs around Dez for most of the episode. When Dez believes they are real zaliens, Trish doesn't until she sees Zip do the zalien brain suck on Ziltch's head. Later, she along with Dez and the zaliens are seen at the convention for the second time, and she and Dez try and find the zalien prince egg. Near the end of the episode, Trish is seen in sonic boom with everyone, and wakes Dez up after his dream. At the end of the episode, she's seen with Dez, Austin and Ally at the conversion again, and enjoying Dez's jokes.

Proms & Promises

Trish is first seen entering sonic boom, upset cause she can't go to prom with Jace cause he broke her leg. Later, she reveals that she's going with Chuck to enter a dance contest against Dez and Carrie. At the end of the episode, Jace turns up at prom for Trish, much to her surprise. She now has to deal with hanging around both Chuck and Jace.

Last Dances & Last Chances

Trish is first seen in the second scene of the episode, and gets both Jace and Chuck drinks. Later in the episode, she is seen having to go back and forth to Jace and Chuck to be with both of them. Later, Trish stops hanging around with Chuck as he and Sunn Hee get back together, allowing Trish to finally spend time with Jace alone. Later, she and Dez decide to enter the contest together since both their dates can't dance, and they win the contest. Much to Trish and Dez's shock, the money will be used for Chuck's club, annoying them both. In the second to last scene, Trish is seen with Dez, hugging him, cause they were watching Austin and Ally admit they never stopped liking each other, kiss and get back together, much to their happiness cause they both wanted Austin and Ally to be together. In the final scene, Trish is seen dancing with Jace and he then reveals that he found out that she did come to prom with Chuck, much to her shock, and asks if he's mad about it, and he says no, making Trish happy. She is then seen dancing with Jace again.

Videos & Villains

Trish is first seen in Sonic boom and is revealed to have booked Austin on Video Countdown Live and convinces Austin to promote his new pair of shoes called 'moonwalkers'. She becomes worried when Austin doesn't come back after awhile and goes to find him. She finds him in the practice room with Brooke and gets locked in there too (cause Brooke took off the door handle). She then texts Ally to help her and Austin escape. They eventually escape and is later seen enjoying Austin's newer version of Upside Down and loves it. In the final scene, she is seen in Sonic Boom with her friends and announces that Austin's moonwalkers are selling like crazy

Beauties & Bullies

This episode is centered around Trish. She is first seen in Sonic Boom with her friends and says she will audition for the school play (Sleeping Beauty) and says she'll get it instead of Ally. At school, she gets the part. In the next scene, back in Sonic Boom, she reads comments for the play and they are mean and some says that she's not pretty enough to be playing Sleeping Beauty. Trish is shown to be taking the criticism surprisingly well, but she starts crying because of the comments. Its later revealed that Trish has missed 3 days of school, saying she's ill.Ally visits Trish at Shredders and she is revealed to not be sick, but Trish tells Ally that she has dropped out of School. Later, Austin and Ally write a song for Trish (Superhero) and Austin then performs it to her, but Trish says she still can't show her face at school again. That evening, during the play, Trish shows up to the play, even though she wasn't going to come in the first place. Trish then tells Coach Simmons that Margo was the bully and tells him what she did. Trish then decides to play Sleeping Beauty and ends up actually falling asleep during the play.

Horror Stories & Halloween Scares

When a power outage leaves the Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez locked in Sonic Boom overnight on Halloween, they pass the time by seeing who can tell the scariest ghost story.

Records & Wrecking Balls

Trish is recruited by Carrie for help when she gets fired from Shredder's Beach Club.

Relationships & Red Carpets

Austin and Ally are both nominated for Worldwide Music Awards so all of Team Austin & Ally goes to the award show. Trish flies in Carrie for Dez since he missed her so much while she was away in California. At the award show, Trish talks to big music artists and books major clients. She makes a lot of connections and extends her surface as a manager.