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Ally Dawson writing a tweet at Sonic Boom

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"Soups & Stars"

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Tweeter is a social networking website in Austin & Ally. It is a parody of Twitter. Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez all have Tweeter accounts. A twit is a parody of a tweet. is the parody of This parody, as of now, only appears in one Season 1 episode. Ally has the most followers on Tweeter. (5,000 followers)


Known Twits

  • Ally ruins Suzy's Soup by twitting a photo called "spider noodle soup".
  • Tweeter has not appeared in any episode besides Soups and Stars, so it is very possible that they don't go on it anymore.
    Soups & Stars (12)
  • Ally twits a picture of a spider in a soup, granting her over 5,000 followers.
  • Ally posts "The radiant glow of a friendly smile will warm a heart for a million miles."
  • Austin posts "Eating pancakes with Dez."
  • Ally posts "Chillin' at the Sonic Boom with my buds. There's nothing more important than the moments you share with your friends." She loses three followers after this twit (Austin, Dez and Trish).
  • Ally twits "Cruisin' to Suzy's Soups to see my old teach. Teachers are like candles - they light the way for others."
    Soups & Stars (13)
  • Austin posts "Eating at Suzy's Soups. What's soup, everybody?"
  • Austin also posts "Doo-doo."
  • Dez twitted about Suzy's Soups.
  • An unknown person twitted "Suzy's Vegetable Eyeball," a picture of an eyeball in a bowl of soup.
  • An unknown person twitted "Suzy's Cream of Cruise Ship," a picture of a cruise ship in a bowl of soup.
    Soups & Stars (14)
  • Trish twitted "Suzy's Bigfoot Bisque," a picture of Bigfoot in a bowl of soup.
  • Austin posts "Chillin' in the practice room".
  • Dez edited the footage from the soup commercial and posted it to Ally's feed.
  • Austin twits his 1 hour "what am I doing now".
    Soups & Stars (15)

Known Users


  • Ally joined when she was 15, while the rest of Team Austin & Ally joined when they were all 13 years old.
  • Tweeter is a parody of Twitter, and twitting is a parody of tweeting.
  • Dez often checks to see what Austin is doing (by reading his hourly "what am I doing now"), even when he knows. One time, Dez burst into the same room Austin was in and demanded him to post what he was doing.
  • Ally considers herself "cooler" after joining Tweeter.
  • Ally has more followers than Austin.

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