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07/23/14 - More updates are being made to the blog. New activity "Label That User" has been introduced. Also, this update section has now become a part of the blog. "Welcome o the TLC blog" message has been removed to speed up the loading process of the page. Updates will be random over time. Polls have been restricted to 1. New tab has been added, "Mini-Blogging" will be for user's personal creativity. You can put funny pictures, etc. Like a regular blog, when updating, please delete what is no longer necessary, do not make them too big.

07/22/14 - Updates to the page have been made. The first minor updates is to the border of the page. There is a new color to the border to match the still-new wiki theme. More important updates is to the music tab. There will no longer be a select choice of music. Adding more music will slow down the loading of the page, and changing a lot of songs would be a pain. The new change happening to the music tab is that there will be 3 songs per week, which will as usual be user's requests. At the current moment, I will not take requests due to the fact there are already quite a few requests that were made way before the changes. Requests are able in around 2-4 weeks. I would also like to say sorry for my inactivity, I have been superbly busy lately, but that's lifting, so I should be pretty more active now. Thank you.


New activity being added to the blog! How would you describe your friend? Insane? Crazy? I myself am a blogaholic! :D You can make up your own nicknames and you must say which user you are labeling! The best thing is, you can edit by yourself. Do not remove other people's labels, please. There is a template you can go to here:

First editor is entitled to edit the first one there is. In order to make your own label, please copy and paste the template below, and replace the current data inside of that copied template.

The user (username) has labelled the user (username) '(label)'


Have any ideas for the blog? Message me! They'll be considered by 99.9%. That 1% is there just in case you're joking around. :/

Come on, message Auslly~Bobbie~Music and share that creative mind of yours!

Are you ok with the new changes happening to blog?

The poll was created at 02:19 on July 24, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

To note: The music will not play unless you press play. They are non-automatic and will always stay that way. There will be 3 requests each week. NO REQUESTS AT THE CURRENT MOMENT PLEASE!

Austinandallylogo Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato
Austinandallylogo Break Free - Ariana Grande
Austinandallylogo Rock That Rock - R5


Here you can have your creativity to yourself and it will show up on the page. Please create a template and please at least insert this border to section up your mini-blogging:

If you want to, you can create another template to adjust the colors on the border, just please use it.

When you create your mini-blog template, tell me, and I'll put it on here! The same with needing help with anything! :)

Anything can go on your mini-blog, pictures, jokes, poems, be creative and have fun!</div></div></div></div></div></div>

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