Cast: Miami gang - Austin Moon, Ryan Moon, Ally Dawson, Dez Perrado/Wade/Whatever, Trish De La Rosa, Chelsea Dawson, Jecko Notch, Claire Valentine, Mykaela Dawson, Bobbie Ross, Cole Valentine, Kent Wells, Gordon "Gordy" Muerte-Cerebral, Chloe Stacy, Dee "Doggy" Doug (a friend from their school)

Tampa gang - Rossay Bie, Ali Phoenix, Laurie Taylor, Macy Saunders, Lissete Elizabeth, Bobbie Ross, ShayTree Katniss, Cat Valentine, Violet Saunders, Nikoolala Natasha (school enemy), Katherine "KoolKitty123" Nelson, Mildrido Urie, Marley Saunders,

Honro Island - Jai Brooks, Bobbie Ross (she's everywhere... lol), Kuji Goku

Austin: *singing* Oh, girl... You light up my world... [I'm too lazy to write up an ACTUAL song, since this is just a fanfic and I don't take it THAT seriously... but I'll still insert these small lines of lyrics to the song Austin is singing. - Lazy Ryan]

Ally: *starts crying tears of joy*

Jecko: I wish I had this guys swag...

Ryan: *at work* Is that Austin????

Boss: What was that?

Ryan: Uh... nothin'... I th-thought I heard something.

Boss: Oh, you mean Austin Moon? Yeah, I hear he's singing a song to some girl or whatever. The music is WAAYYYY too loud so we're going to have to close off the ol' office early.

Ryan: Wow...

Nikoolala [She's the old diva from Episode 10. - Ryan] : *watching Austin* I can...NOT BEEELIEVE Austin is singing a song about me! This is HUH-YUGE! Rossay and her friends are gonna be so JELLY! Wait... I don't care.

Nikoolala's Friend #1: They su-sure will, Ni-Nikky!

Nikoolala: STAHP STUTTEREEENG! You're making me look low class! And fan me slower!

Nikoolala's Friends: Yes, Nikky!


Nikoolala's Friends: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!

Austin: *still singing* Sometimes... I think I'm dreaming... when I'm with you, when I'm with you!

Claire: Vinny was a little out of tune on that last verse... But don't worry, I know it's not his fault. :P

Chelsea: Claire... you need some help.

Dez: I wonder if he'll ever credit me for co-writing the lyrics to this song... [Well that's not going to have an impact on the next episodes at all... *sarcasm* - Ryan]

Trish: Yeah, right!

Dez: It's true, he asked me!

Chelsea: Mmhmm.

Claire: Suuuure...

Bobbie: Yeah, right!

Mykaela: LOL

Dez: *grunts*

Austin: It's a wonderful,  wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, feeling...

Ally: Pinch me, am I dreaming?

Laurie: Is that Nikoolala?

Nikoolala: Listen, you broad! You don't say my name in vain, got it?

Violet: Why? What, do you think you're somehow above us just 'cause you're the most popular DIVA at school?!?

Nikoolala: EXCAHYUUUSE ME?!?!?!?

Laurie: You heard her, diva!

Nikoolala: WHY, I OUGHTTA--

Rossay: Guys, not now! Austin is still performing!

Nikoolala, Laurie, Violet: AUSTINNNNNN!!! <3 <3 <3

Austin: Baby, now I know, all I want is youuuuu! *harmonizing* All I want is youuuuu! Yeahhhhh! *end of song*

Audience: *cheers*

Rossay: Remind me again why I moved to Tampa? :D

Cat: You're dad died.

Rossay: It was a rhetorical question...

Cat: I know, I gave you a rhetorical answer!

Rossay: ?????

Austin: Thank, you guys! I worked really hard on this performance! I couldn't have gotten up hear if it weren't for...

Dez: *gets excited* OMG he's thanking me!

Austin: ...God!

Dez: I don't know whether to feel disappointed because he didn't credit me or mutual because he... OH NVM.

Austin: Give it up for the most awesome band in the wo---

Austin's Band: SEE YOU IN PE! *runs away* [If you get that reference, you're a TRUE Disney Channel fan! - Ry]

Austin: Guys?

Ally: *runs onto the stage*

Laurie: Uh... who is she and what is she doing?!?!?

KoolKitty: She probably just another paranoid fan who thinks she's gonna end up with Austin. HA!

ShayTree: Yeah! *laughter*

KoolKitty: But seriously, we're getting married.

Laurie: No, ME and Austin are getting married!

Violet: NO ME!!!!!

Rossay: Hey, guys! Is it just me, or does Austin kinda resemble Ross Lynch?

Looks at two photos: 

Austin Moon

Season 1

Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch <3

Rossay, Violet, Laurie, KoolKitty: Nah...


Ally: *walks up to Austin* You wr-wrote that song... for me?

Austin: Yeah...

Ally: And you meant it?

Austin: Every word.

Ally: So...

Austin: So...

Ally: .....So...

Nikoolala: I think she said "so" twice!

Laurie: Yeah, I bet Austin is just being polite to that girl...

Rossay: Can you guys just shut up already? None of y'all are ending up with Austin at this point, get over it.

Ally: Nobody has ever done ANYTHING like this for me before? Why did you do this?

Austin: Because I love you, Ally.

Ally: Y--you do?

Austin: *grabs mic* I want everyone here to know... every person in Miami... to know that I love Allyson Edgar Dawson!

Nikoolala's POV: "Edgar"... lol

Austin: I've been in love with her since the moment I met her, she's the only girl I've ever truly loved or will ever truly love! I can't imagine a lifetime without her, I WON'T imagine a lifetime without her, she's everything I need or will ever need!

Violet: Wow, Austin... A singer, and a comedian! That's why everyone loves you! And why you'll be mine!

Nikoolala: Correction: mine!

ShayTree: Correction: mine!

KoolKittty: MINE!

Laurie: MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rossay: *facepalm*

Austin: I love you, Ally. I'd never be able to say it enough. I love you.

Ally: .....

Austin: ....

*eight seconds of silence*

Ally: I love you, too...

Austin: *leans in*

Ally: *leans in*

Auslly: *fiery, passionate kiss* <3 <3 <3

Crowd: Awwww...

Nikoolala: Wait... Why is Austin touching that girl's lips with his? *panic* *hyperventilation* 

Violet: He's probably telling her to talk to the hand................with....his...lips?

Nikoolala: Yeah! Yeah, yeah... *calms down slightly*

Laurie: Wait, he just sang a song in front of her, joked that he loved her, and put her lips on her for nine seconds... ten seconds... eleven seconds... twelve seconds... thirteen se--

ShayTree: Wait... DOES THAT MEAN...

ShayTree, KoolKitty, Violet, Laurie, Nikoolala: HE. LOVES. HER?????? *the group faints*

Marley: FINALLY.

Jecko: Your friends are a piece of work.

Marley, Rossay, Macy, Ali, Lissete, Bobbie, Cat: Tell me about it!

Jecko: Did you guys just all talk at the same time?

Marley, Rossay, Macy, Ali, Lissete, Bobbie, Cat: JINX! DOUBLE JI--

Jecko: STOP.

Austin: So what now?

Ally: I don't know...

Austin: Let's go get Mini's.

Ally: As Austin and Ally, or Auslly?

Austin: Both.

Ally: Cool

Auslly: *kisses again*

Jai & Kuji: *watching the audience from the distance*

Kuji: The redhead... Is that her?

Jai: What?

Kuji: Your love. This "Cat Valentine", is this she?

Jai: Uh, yeah.

Kuji: You know what you must do.

Jai: I can't...

Kuji: Yes, you can.

Jai: Please, I can't... I just can't!

Kuji: Yes, you can.

Jai: Does Bobbie know about this?

Kuji: She is irrelevant in this matter, son.

Jai: She's the sensei!

Kuji: Just do it!

Jai: *sigh* Sorry, Cat...*points bow and arrow*

To Be Continued...

[Thanks for reading! Things are about to get a lot more interesting over the next few episodes! Tune in! - Ryan]

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