Cast: Miami gang - Austin Moon, Ryan Moon, Ally Dawson, Dez Perrado/Wade/Whatever, Trish De La Rosa, Chelsea Dawson, Jecko Notch, Claire Valentine, Mykaela Dawson, Bobbie Ross, Cole Valentine, Kent Wells, Gordon "Gordy" Muerte-Cerebral, Chloe Stacy, Dee "Doggy" Doug (a friend from their school)

Tampa gang - Rossay Bie, Ali Phoenix, Laurie Taylor, Macy Saunders, Lissete Elizabeth, Bobbie Ross, ShayTree Katniss, Cat Valentine, Violet Saunders, Nikoolala Natasha (school enemy), Katherine "KoolKitty123" Nelson, Mildrido Urie, Marley Saunders,

Honro Island - Jai Brooks, Bobbie Ross (she's everywhere... lol), Kuji Goku

Kuji: What are you waiting for, time is running short.

Jai: I know but-- 

Kuji: I said hurry up!

Jai: I can't!

Kuji: To become the warrior, you must let go of your past...

Jai: Maybe I don't WANNA be a warrior anymore!

* silence *

* more silence *

* more silence *

Kuji: * chuckle * I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that!

Jai: Ugh! Seriously?

Kuji: Hurry, they're escaping?

Jai: What... They're all heading to Mini's together! What do I do n-- aaaand he's gone.

* meanwhile at... we'll... the same place, Austin & Ally are enjoying a mini smoothie at their own table while the Miami gang and Cat watch, the rest of the Tampa gang have booked a hotel and are staying in their rooms *

Cat: I'm so glad to be back with all my friends and family!

Claire: Ditto!

Trish De La Rosa: And I can't believe my best friend has finally found true love!

Chelsea: They both look so happy together...

Dez: He still didn't credit me for the song...

Doggy: So what are we gonna do for the rest of the night?

Mykaela: I know a bouncy house up the street...

Claire: Epic!

Cat: Yayyyyy!

Jecko: I have a lot on my mind, guys. You can go without me.

Chelsea: Whatevs.

Jai: * on a rooftop * That's it, I can't do this. Screw this warrior garbage, I'm outta here.

Kuji: * appears * Oh, you don't leave until she's dead.

Jai: You all are psychopaths and I want you all out of my life.

Bobbie: Hold on guys, I have to go use the bathroo-- Kuji??? Jai?!?!?

Kuji: Oh...

Jai: Ugh... could this day get any worse?

Bobbie: Is that a bow and arrow?

Kuji: The boy must free himself his past and become a warrior for--

Bobbie: There's NO ONE evil in Miami!

Kuji: Anyone in the way of the path of Honro is evil.

Bobbie: S--so... Does that mean...

Jai: He's making me kill Cat!

Bobbie: He WHAT?!?

Kuji: She escaping...

Bobbie: Kuji, what are you doing?

Kuji: You have ten seconds to take the shot or I will shoot her for you...


Kuji: Like I said, anyone or anything that distracts the path... is evil.

Bobbie: So, all this time I was with you... you manipulated me into doing evil to good people to fight bad people that don't even exist.

Kuji: Watch your mouth, young lady.

Jai: I need a life...

Kuji: Remember the oppression, Bobbie. We need to protect our own.

Bobbie: Not like this!

Kuji: Bobbie...


Kuji: She's hurting the path.

Bobbie: UGH

Kuji: That's it, I'm ending her myself.

Bobbie: I won't let you...

Jai: Me neither!

Kuji: * sigh *

* meanwhile at the Tampa gang's hotel *

Macy: Marls, where did you put my fidget spinners?

Marley: I left them in Tampa. How about going out and doing something with your life.

Macy: -.-

Violet: Any of you guys getting the feeling we're being watched?

Macy: No...

Marley: Kind of.

Macy: You guys are being paranoid.

Violet: And your face is parANNOYING!

Macy: * sigh * Why was I born into this family...

Marley: But seriously, maybe it's the wind... Yeah.

* meanwhile back at Mini's *

Jecko: * sigh * Why do I feel so depressed today?

Dez: * sigh * Why do I feel so... uncredited today? Oh yeah, because I was.

Jecko: I mean, it's like... I see Austin and Ally so happy and I haven't been that since... * sigh *

Dez: I mean, writing with Austin is like... a once in a lifetime opportunity and he didn't even mention me.

Jecko: Plus I haven't made any real money at a real job in like, forever.

Dez: I haven't contributed to the success of this huge friendship of ours in like, forever.

Jecko: Wait, are you copying everything I'm saying?

Dez: Dude, I got problems, too!

Jecko: Join the club.

Dez: ...

Jecko: ...

* awkward silence *

Dez: So...

Jecko: I think you we should head to that bouncy house party.

Dez: Sure, whatever.

* meanwhile, somewhere... *

Kuji: I'm very disappointed in you, both.

Bobbie: Yeall, well, you make us do disappointing things...

Kuji: That disappointment must be rectified immediately.

Jai: What-- He's gone!

Bobbie: I think I know where he's ABOUT to go...

Jai: I'm listening...


P.S. Yes, my stories are one-shots. I'm too lazy to right up a cohesive story, XD.