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You Don't See Me

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You Don't See Me
You Don't See Me
Song by Ally Dawson
Episode: "Deejays & Demos"
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 0:49
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"You Don't See Me" is a pop/semi/blues slow song written and sung by Ally Dawson. Ally wrote this song after Dez made her feel self-conscious about being overlooked as Austin's songwriter, though she claims she wrote it just for fun. However, Austin really appreciates her and likes her creativity, and we later learn just how much he appreciates her in the episode. Austin takes the song and puts it on the radio for everyone to hear, which comes as a pleasant surprise to Ally until she learns that she must go on a radio interview with Austin because of it. Team Austin ends up pretending that Trish is Ally, and have Ally feed her answers to the interview through a little chip. Ally loses the channel though and Trish ends up lip-syncing the Weather, Opera Music and more!


I'm the girl in the corner of the room
The one you never notice
Getting lost among the stars in the sky
Like a picture out of focus

I'm the sun in your eyes
Yet you don't see me
I wear no disguise
But you don't see me

I'm a total surprise
And you don't see me
I'm so agonized
That you don't see me

You don't see me
You don't see me
(piano ending)



You Don't See Me -19-
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