You Wish You Were Me
You Wish You Were Me
Song by Trish De la Rosa
Released: November 3, 2013
Episode: What Ifs & Where's Austin
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 1:00
Previous: "Chasin' The Beat Of My Heart"
Next: "Redial"
Austin & Ally - You Wish You Were Me01:00

Austin & Ally - You Wish You Were Me

You Wish You Were Me is a song featured in What Ifs & Where's Austin. It is the second song to be featured in Season 3 and is performed by Raini Rodriguez as Trish. The song is a rewrite and parody of Finally Me, which was written by Laura Marano, Matthew Tishler and Ben Charles and was performed by Marano as Ally Dawson in the Season 2 episode Tracks & Troubles.


I'm so much better than you
I'm a ten, you're a two
I'm a queen, you're a fool
I'm a throne, you're a stool
You'll never be this cool

I sing to you on the stage
I'm at the top of my game
I'm a star and you're lame
I am cash, you are change
You'll never have my fame

You wish you were me
Got everything you need
Got no time for jealousy

Yeah, you wish you were me


  • This is the second song Trish has performed on the show by herself, and the first was the slower version of Double Take.
  • This is the second song of Season 3.
  • This song is a parody of Finally Me.
  • Trish sings about how everyone wishes they were her, since she says she has everything.
  • Trish writes the lyrics of the song to replace the ones Ally originally wrote as Finally Me.
  • This song is what makes Trish lose her fame in the imagination sequence, in the episode What Ifs & Where's Austin.
  • This parody is very "Trish", because in the other episodes, Trish always dreams to be the queen of everything.


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